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Back to School College Advice: Sophomores Share What They Wish They Knew As Freshmen We asked, you answered: What should new students know before heading to college?

Heading off to college can be exhilarating—but also terrifying. You get a taste of a new type of freedom and independence, but it also means you're now in charge of every aspect of your life. You’re balancing a new schedule, new social community, and often a new place away from home—while juggling classes, rehearsals, and other activities. It can be overwhelming. How do you navigate it all?

We asked members of our social media audience who are rising college sophomores to share the advice they wish they knew before starting college.

Auditioning/Theatre Life
“Audition for EVERYTHING. If you don’t get it, sign up to be on the tech side.” —Instagram

“It’s okay to like both tech and performance theatre. You don’t have to choose between them.” —Instagram

“Don’t compare yourself to your fellow acting students because being yourself will get you far.”

“I had no idea what the best way was to go about selecting audition materials. After my first semester/year I learned how it important it is to research. I read any plays I’m interested in being in and find monologues/songs based around roles I like.” —Instagram

“Chew gum before auditions, it helps with the nerves.” —Instagram

“Always have a snack with you. There will be long days and you will need sustenance to survive.” —Instagram

“Your talent and skill is not defined by how many shows you are cast in. Rejection is a part of the process. It does not make you less than.” —Instagram

“Figure out what makes you different from everyone else auditioning and build on that.” —Instagram

“Not every downfall defines you! It might steer you in a better direction as a performer!” —Instagram

“If you don’t get cast your first year, it’s okay. It doesn’t mean you are not talented. You are.” —Instagram

“You don’t have to be great at everything immediately. The whole point is to learn, especially for areas outside of your comfort zone. Looking at you, ballet.” —Twitter

“At some schools, anyone can get involved in theatre even if they aren’t a major!” —Instagram

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“Stay on top of your laundry! You run out of clean leotards faster than you think.” —Twitter

“The microwave mac and cheese in a mug recipe is gross and it stinks up the dorm FOREVER.” —Instagram

“Ask questions! Always ask! Even if you are afraid to—ASK! I promise it’s okay to ask!” —Instagram

“Don’t be afraid to take the initiative and introduce yourself to your faculty or staff.” —Instagram

“Get to know your advisors! A lot of the time they are professors for a class you have to take later.” —Instagram

“Try your best to do research on the best professors! Your professors can make a big difference between if you fail or pass your classes.” —Twitter

“Talk to your professors. If you have a question about taking an exam later, turning stuff in late, etc, ask. They worst they can do is say no (and if you have a good reason they will probably say yes from my experience).” —Twitter

“It’s okay to make mistakes. Failure is learning as long as you get up and try again!” —Instagram

“Remember to devote time to yourself but still be able to get your school work done.” —Instagram

“It’s okay to switch your major!” —Instagram

Social and Dorm Life
“Invest in yourself outside of theatre. Go to sporting events, join Greek life, etc.” —Instagram

“Don’t be afraid to explore different activities but also be careful of over-committing!” —Instagram

“Get to know everyone in the department—don’t make judgments!” —Instagram

“The best way to make friends is to put yourself out there! Invite people to do things with you.” —Instagram

“Get involved right away, but don’t do more than you can handle on top of class and adulting! Having a non-theatre hobby or club that you can just ENJOY is so helpful!” —Twitter

“If someone tells you a boy is bad news you better listen.” —Instagram

“Picking a good roommate is super important and can make all the difference in a good year.” —Instagram

“You don’t have to be best friends with your roommate.” —Twitter

“Eat as healthy as possible or be active because the Freshman 15 is real.” —Instagram

“Drink lots of water and use hand sanitizer!” —Instagram

“I wish I knew that as good as it is to join as many things as you can, it’s okay to say no and spend some time for yourself! I jumped into everything and forgot to leave time for me.” —Twitter

New Experiences
“Everyone is as nervous as you are about starting at a new school.” —Instagram

“Make yourself KNOWN—to the professors, older students, etc. Get your foot in that door.” —Instagram

“Every other freshman is struggling too. Instagram doesn’t tell the whole story. It might look like all of your friends are having a perfect freshman year on Insta but everyone struggles to adjust. It’s okay to not be having The Most Fun Ever.” —Instagram

“Imposter syndrome is real—everyone feels it, though some may not show it.” —Instagram

“Explore your boundaries and try something new to challenge you.” —Instagram

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