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Off-Broadway News Schedule of Upcoming Off-Broadway Shows

Due to the expansive nature of Off-Broadway, this list is not comprehensive.

• Second Stage Theatre/Tony Kiser Theatre
• First Preview: May 16, 2024
• Opening: June 4, 2024
• Playwright: Alexis Scheer
• Director: Jo Bonney
• Cast: Tala Ashe, Geneva Carr, Julie Halston, Louis Ozawa, Gabrielle Policano, Matthew Saldívar, Maggie Siff

As a foreign war correspondent, Marina has put her life on the line to illuminate the darkest corners of humanity. Having just returned from a particularly bloody conflict, she flirts with staying home for good—alongside her cameraman turned lover. With her closest friends and family gathered on the eve of her lifetime achievement award ceremony, she decides to cap this glorious moment with an elopement. But as Marina tries to take hold of her life, she’s forced to reckon with the hold war has on her.

• Atlantic Theater Company/Stage 2
• First Preview: May 17, 2024
• Opening: June 4, 2024
• Playwright: Shayan Lofti
• Director: Jennifer Chang
• Cast: Rosalind Chao, BD Wong, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Tony Shalhoub

Two siblings.
One born there. One born here.
How do they maintain their connections to The Old Country, and to This Country, and to each other?

• WP Theater
• First Preview: May 31, 2024
• Opening: June 6, 2024
• Music, Lyrics, Prose: Micki Grant
• Adaptation: Nora Cole
• Director: Nora Cole
• Cast: Matelyn Alicia, April Armstrong, Patrice Bell, Shawn Bowers

We enter into the personal realm of the iconic Micki Grant through her unpublished poems, lyrics, written musings on love, politics, family, and historical figures loved and lost; featuring music rarely heard, accented with songs from her award-winning work: Your Arms Too Short to Box With God, So Nice To Be Civilized, & Working, and more!

• St. Ann's Warehouse
• Opening: June 7, 2024
• Playwright: Tue Biering
• Director: Tue Biering and Nhlanhla Mahlangu
• Cast: TBA

In Dark Noon, a cast of South African actors and members of the audience re-enact the story of the American wild, wild west through the lens of Hollywood Westerns. This incendiary spectacle turns American history on its head — from the land rush to the gold rush, to gunfights and gunslingers, the territorial conflicts between the European settlers and the indigenous natives are all there. It’s an absurd and vicious game – playful until it isn’t.

• AMT Theater
• First Preview: June 1, 2024
• Opening: June 9, 2024
•Music: Al Tapper
•Book and Lyrics: Al Tapper, Martha Rosenblatt, Gary Glickstein
• Director: Kyle Pleasant
• Cast: Danny Arnold, Jay Aubrey Jones, Jacob Louchheim, Caleb Mathura, Kenny Morris, Timothy Warmen, Olivia Vadnais, Ethan Zeph, Ashley Marie Arnold, Blair Alexis Brown, Bruce Blanchard, Scott Harrison, Garland Ray, Jodi Snyder

The story of the biblical King David, who looks back on his decisions as he nears the end of his life.

• Atlantic Theater Company / Linda Gross Theater
• First Preview: May 16, 2024
• Opening: June 12, 2024
• Playwright: Lucy Kirkwood
• Director: Sarah Benson
• Cast: b, Tilly Botsford, Paige Gilbert, Ann Harada, Jenn Kidwell, Mary McCann, Emily Cass McDonnell, MacKenzie Mercer, Sandrah Oh, Dale Soules, Danny Wolohan, Haley Wong

Rural England, 1759. As the country awaits the return of Halley’s comet, a young woman is sentenced to death. When she tries to escape the noose by claiming she is pregnant, twelve ordinary women are gathered to decide whether she is telling the truth. A dark, fierce, funny play about democracy and housework.

• New York City Center
• Opening: June 12, 2024
• Book: Peter Stone
• Music: Maury Yeston
• Lyrics: Maury Yeston
• Director: Anne Kauffman
• Cast: Bonnie Milligan, Chuck Cooper, Eddie Cooper, Drew Gehling, Ramin Karimloo, Emilie Kouatchou, Judy Kuhn, Brandon Uranowitz, Samantha Williams, Shereen Ahmed, Ashley Blanchet, Adam Chanler-Berat, Andrew Durand, Alex Joseph Grayson, Jo Lampert, Jose Llana, Nathan Salstone, A.J. Shively, Chip Zien

Epic and majestic, with moments of heartbreaking intimacy - the musical play examines the causes, the conditions and the characters involved in this ever-fascinating drama. This is the factual story of that ship–of her officers, crew and passengers – and the tragic story of the beautiful ship herself.


• Connelly Theater Upstairs
• First Preview: June 7, 2024
• Opening: June 18, 2024
• Playwright: Marin Ireland
• Director: Maria Dizzia
• Cast: Tatiana Maslany, Tavi Gevinson, Deirdre O'Connell, Maria Dizzia, Julia Chan, Dael Orlandersmith, Sarah Steele, Greg Keller, Raquel Chavez, Gregory Connors

In the aftermath of a life-altering event, Pre-Existing Condition explores the challenges, shared community and everyday indignities of learning to move forward.

• Perelman Performing Arts Center
• First Preview: June 13, 2024
• Opening: June 20, 2024
• Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber
• Lyrics: T.S. Eliot
• Director: Zhailon Levingston and Bill Rauch
• Cast: Baby, Jonathan Burke, Emma Sofia Caymares, Tara Lashan Clinkscales, André De Shields, Sydney James Harcourt, Antwayn Hopper, Dava Huesca, Dudney Joseph, Jr., Capital Kaos, Junior LaBeija, Dominique Lee, Robert "Silk" Mason, "Tempress" Chasity Moore, Shereen Pimentel, Primo, Nora Schell, Kendall G. Stroud, Frank Viveros, Garnet Williams, Teddy Wilson, Jr.

A radical reimagining of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s iconic dance musical based on T. S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. Inspired by the Ballroom culture that roared out of New York City over 50 years ago and still rages on runways around the world. Staged as a spectacularly immersive competition by Zhailon Levingston and PAC NYC Artistic Director Bill Rauch, with all new Ballroom and club beats, runway ready choreography, and an edgy eleganza makeover that moves the action from junkyard to runway.  Come one, come all, and celebrate the joyous transformation of self at the heart of Cats and Ballroom culture itself.

• Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre
• First Preview: June 11, 2024
• Opening: June 23, 2024
• Playwright: Marrio Correa
• Director: Diane Paulus
• Cast: Holland Taylor, Ana Villafañe

N/A is a whip-smart battle of wills — and wits — between N, the first woman Speaker of the House, and A, the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. Inspired by real people and events, this riveting two-hander illuminates the person whom many consider the most powerful woman in American history… and the once-in-a-generation political talent who defied her.

• Pershing Square Signature Center/Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre
• First Preview: June 27, 2024
• Opening: June 29, 2024
• Book, Music, Lyrics: Donald Rupe
• Cast: Blake Aburn, Becca Southworth, Omar Cardona

Set in 2016, From Here tells the story of Daniel, a 30-something gay man on his journey through life, love, and family when the horrific shooting at Pulse Nightclub changes his hometown, and him, forever.

• DR2 Theatre
• First Preview: June 21, 2024
• Opening: June 30, 2024
• Playwright: Jason Cannon
• Director: Jason Cannon
• Cast: Scott Ehrenpreis

In his deeply personal and universally resonant one-man show, seasoned actor and master storyteller Scott Ehrenpreis tells his humorous yet profound story of living with mental illness. Like, lots of mental illness.

Clowns Like Me fearlessly confronts the challenges of living with autism spectrum disorder, OCD, bipolar disorder, social anxiety, and depression, weaving a tale that is as heartbreaking as it is inspiring. Through his journey, Scott uncovers a remarkable truth: the stage becomes his sanctuary, a place where, if only for a few hours, he can emerge from the shadows of his struggles into the spotlight of empowerment and self-expression.

• Lincoln Center Theater/Claire Tow Theater
• First Preview: July 13, 2024
• Opening: July 29, 2024
• Playwright: Phillip Howze
• Director: Dustin Willis
• Cast: CG, Will Cobbs, Seven F.B. Duncombe, Claudia Logan, Julia Robertson, Seret Scott

When some trifling citizens storm a renowned cultural center where they’re not meant to be, all hell breaks loose. Wigs go flying. Wounds get opened. An archive explodes. Will the audience make it out alive?

• The Pershing Square Signature Center/Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre
• First Preview: July 17, 2024
• Opening: July 31, 2024
• Playwright: Domenica Feraud
• Director: Tatiana Pandiani
• Cast: TBA

Once a week, six recently bereaved strangers gather for group therapy. It’s a stable routine — until one day, their grief counselor is inexplicably MIA. The group’s typical session quickly goes off the rails, offering an open-ended meditation on loss, with revelations that are at once beautiful, funny, and heartbreaking.


• The Robert W. Wilson MCC Theater Space/Susan & Ronald Frankel Theater
• First Preview: August 14 2024
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Douglas Lyons
• Director: Zhalion Levington
• Cast: Kara Young, Biko Eisen-Martin, Michael Rishawn

If your ex wanted to meet up again, would you? Previously engaged, Jada and Dallas reunite for dinner to hash out the good, the bad, and the ugly from their romantic past. Despite the intrusion of sassy waiters, complicated memories, and their best efforts to keep things casual, the estranged couple find themselves cornered by the truth.

• SoHo Playhouse
• First Preview: August 27, 2024
• Opening: TBA
• Book: Scott Elmegreen
• Music and Lyrics: Drew Fornarola
• Director: Catie Davis
• Cast: TBA

When John McCain, the late solider-turned-senator awakens in the afterlife, he finds himself trapped inside the mind of President Donald Trump, alongside a quasi-Greek Chorus of other public figures, including Hillary Clinton, Roy Cohn, Eva Perón, Teddy Roosevelt, Robert Jordan, and Lindsey Graham. In order to escape, the motley crew is forced to engage in a high-stakes debate over life, legacy, and 'American values.'

• NYU Skirball Center
• First Preview: September 6, 2024
• Opening: September 12, 2024
• Playwright: S. Shakthidharan
• Director: Eamon Flack
• Cast: Rodney Afif, Prakash Belawadi, Antonythasan Jesuthasan, Nadie Kammallaweera, Ahi Karunaharan, Abbie-Lee Lewis, Gandhi MacIntyre, Radhika Mudaliyar, Shiv Palekar, Dushan Philips, Sukhbir Singh Walia, Nipuni Sharada, Kaivu Suvarna, Raj Velu, Sukania Venugopal

The multi-generational journey of a Sri-Lankan Australian family from 1956-2004. Radha fled Sri Lanka with her unborn child as the nation struggled with conflict. Two decades later, her son Siddhartha, now an Australian man who knows little of his family’s background, receives a call from the past that changes everything he thought he knew, and who he thought he was.

• Classic Stage Company/Lynn F. Angelson Theater
• First Preview: September 12, 2024
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Tadeusz Slobodzianek
• Director: Igor Golyak
• Cast: Gus Birney, Andrey Burkovskiy, José Espinosa, Tess Goldwyn, Will Manning, Stephen Ochsner, Alexandra Silber, Richard Topol, Ilia Volok, Elan Zafir

Ten Polish classmates — five Jewish and five Catholic — grow up as friends and neighbors, then turn on one another with life and death consequences. Inspired by real life events surrounding a horrific 1941 pogrom in a small Polish village, this shocking, timely story follows their lives from childhood through eight decades.

• Manhattan Theater Club @ New York City Center Stage I
• First Preview: September 24, 2024
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Erika Sheffer
• Director: Daniel Sullivan

This haunting world premiere unfolds in Moscow, where an independent journalist covering Putin’s first term struggles to maintain sanity and hope in increasingly hostile circumstances. She finds herself on the brink of an explosive story -- but as danger mounts for her and her sources, she questions whether her bravery will make any difference at all.

• Orpheum Theatre
• First Preview: September 14, 2024
• Opening: October 1, 2024
• Book: Marla Mindelle, Jonathan Parks-Ramage
• Music and Lyrics: Marla Mindelle, Philip Drennen
• Director: Conor Gallagher
• Cast: TBA

Stacey wakes up after a night of heavy drinking and finds herself trapped in an Off-Broadway Golden Age musical. Forced to put her musical theatre degree in action, Stacey has to figure out how to escape this singing and dancing prison in front of a live audience.

• The Public Theater
• First Preview: September 19, 2024
• Opening: October 1, 2024
• Playwright: James Ijames
• Director: Saheem Ali
• Cast: TBA

A work opportunity to revitalize the blighted neighborhood she grew up in has led Aisha and her chef husband Travis to buy and renovate a charming old house. But as everyone knows, renovation is expensive and stressful—both for buildings and the communities that surround them. Aisha’s young contractor Earl grew up in the area too, but his memories are of more than just dangerous streets and hollowed-out homes. When their purely professional relationship gives way to heated debate about who gets to stay and who must go, Aisha is forced to reckon with the choices she’s made to get ahead and the painful, joyful, complicated ghosts that haunt her dreams… and her dream house.

• The Public Theater
• First Preview: October 5, 2024
• Opening: October 10, 2024
• Playwright: David Finnigan
• Cast: David Finnigan

At the end of 2019, in the English countryside, Australian playwright David Finnigan began writing a play about the six turning points that have brought us to this moment in time—our ecosystems transformed, our planet on the brink of unthinkable climate disaster. But then Finnigan's hometown of Canberra was hit by bushfires. As an area the size of England burned and one billion animals perished, he started to receive texts from loved ones racing to evacuate amid the devastation. In a performance that interweaves 75,000 years of humanity with the incredibly personal account of his best friend’s escape, Finnigan calls on scientific research, phone footage, and a very personal story to illuminate the transforming planet and how we’ve arrived here.

• The Public Theater
• Opening: Novembe 1, 2024
• Playwright: Elevator Repair Service
• Director: John Collins
• Cast: Laurena Allan, Jim Fletcher, Ross Fletcher, Maggie Hoffman, Mike Iveson, Vin Knight, Aaron Landsman, Annie McNamara, Scott Shepherd, Pete Simpson, Susie Sokol, Tory Vazquez, Ben Jalosa Williams

One morning in the office of a mysterious small business, an employee finds a copy of The Great Gatsby in the clutter of his desk. He starts to read it out loud and doesn’t stop. At first his coworkers hardly notice. But after a series of strange coincidences, it’s no longer clear whether he’s reading the book, or the book is transforming him.

• The Shed
• First Preview: October 26, 2024
• Opening: November 14, 2024
• Playwright: William Shakespeare
• Director: Kenneth Branagh
• Cast: Kenneth Branagh, Mara Allen, Deborah Alli, Raymond Anum, Melanie-Joyce Bermudez, Doug Colling, Dylan Corbett-Bader, Eleanor de Rohan, Chloe Fenwick-Brown, Joseph Kloska, Corey Mylchreest, Caleb Obediah, Hughie O'Donnell, Jessica Revell

Kenneth Branagh plays the title role in a new production of William Shakespeare’s King Lear, set in the barbarous landscape of Ancient Britain. Featuring a cast of rising stars from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art directed by Branagh, this production releases the play’s power and turmoil in a fast-paced staging.

• Classic Stage Company/Lynn F. Angelson Theater
• First Preview: November 22, 2024
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: William Shakespeare
• Director: Igor Golyak
• Cast: Richard Topol, Alexandra Silber, Gus Birney, José Espinosa, Tess Goldwyn, Stephen Ochsner

The most excellent historie of the Merchant of Venice
with the exxtreame cruelitie of Shylocke the Jewe
This highly entertaining adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, directed by Ukrainian-born, Jewish theater artist Igor Golyak, is a wild ride that takes a startling and tragic turn, leaving the audience stunned and unable to stop the inevitable and unbearable consequences.

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