Cambridge Theatre

  • Handicap Access: Access: 1. Level access to the foyer through two sets of double swing doors.
    2. 5 steps from the foyer down to the Stalls.
    3. 31 steps from the foyer up to the Royal Circle.
    4. 60+ steps from foyer up to the Upper Circle.
    5. 2 steps between each level in auditorium.
    Description: 1. Deaf/Hard of Hearing: Twin track infra-red system with 8 headsets. Deposit required.
    2. Blind/Visually Impaired: Guide dogs not allowed, but staff happy to dog sit.
    3. Wheelchair Users: Level access to the foyer through side door on Earlham Street. Slight slope down to Stalls. Transfers available. You must bring an able bodied person with you.
    4. Concessions available.
Cambridge Theatre
    • Earlham Street
    • Seven Dials
    • London
    • EN
    • UK

    Contact: 020 7494 5100