A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

SYNOPSIS: Charles Dickens' classic story about the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge, who reconsiders his ways after a series of ghostly visits on Christmas Eve. A celebration of kindness, generosity, and compassion that will fill your overflowing heart with the desire to spread the glow of holiday good cheer when you leave the theater.


(as of Dec 30, 2001) Total Current Gross: $819,397 Highest Weekly Gross: $819,397 (Week Ending Dec 30, 2001)   Average Ticket Price: $68.25 Average % Capacity: 93.79%


Week Ending Week Number This Week Gross Potential Gross Diff $ Avg Ticket Top Ticket Seats Sold Seats in Theatre Perfs Previews % Cap This Week Diff % cap
Dec 30, 2001 31 $819,397.00 $913,747.00 $0.00 $68.25 $100.00 12005 1600 8 0 93.79% 0.00%