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Playbill Horoscopes Welcome to Playbill's Broadway Horoscope Which 2019 Tony Award-nominated show is for you?

Welcome to Playbill's Broadway Horoscope, where you'll receive theatre-related recommendations based on your astrological sign. First up, which 2019 Tony Award-nominated show is for you?

Look up your sign, and learn which Best Musical, Best Play, Best Revival of a Musical, or Best Revival of a Play nominee is for you.


(March 21–April 19)
Burn This: Best Revival of a Play nominee
Risk-taking, passionate, and vivacious are the words that most immediately come to mind for those born in Aries season, so it's only fitting to pair them with a show as feisty and lively as they themselves. The steamy revival of Burn This centers on an up-and-coming choreographer who can't fight her attraction to her best friend's unpredictable and mysterious older brother. Like any true Aries, these characters (played by the equally steamy Keri Russell and Adam Driver) never shy away from a confrontation.

Production Photos: the 2019 Revival of Burn This on Broadway


(April 20–May 20)
Oklahoma!: Best Revival of a Musical nominee
People born under the sign of Taurus appreciate beauty and creativity. The edgy, re-imagined revival of the beloved Rodgers and Hammerstein classic Oklahoma! engages all of your senses in unexpected ways—from intense lighting sequences to intimate sound design to the intermission chili.


(May 21–June 20)
Tootsie: Best Musical nominee
Geminis, represented by twins, and is why people often feel like they may be dealing with two different personalities—but really it's just their inquisitive and adaptable nature. Based on the 1982 film, Tootsie follows Michael Dorsey, a disagreeable, out-of-work actor, as he transforms into Dorothy Michaels—a confident actor who isn't afraid to speak her mind.


(June 21–July 22)
The Ferryman: Best Play nominee
Cancers are well-known for prioritizing family and creating significant emotional bonds with the people who matter most to them. At the center of The Ferryman is the Carney family, who go to extreme lengths to protect the ones they love in a time of political turmoil and crisis.


(July 23–August 22)
Ain't Too Proud: The Life and the Times of The Temptations: Best Musical nominee
There's no denying that Leos are confident, fearless leaders. Watching The Temptations bravely climb their way to the top of the charts and become Motown's No. 1 group while navigating fame, brotherhood, and cross-over politics, Leos will appreciate the group's dedication to achieving their goals.


(August 23–September 22)
Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus: Best Play nominee
There are few things that give Virgos, the Perfectionists of the zodiac, more pleasure than cleaning and putting things in their proper place. Virgos are famously pragmatic above all else and capable of tackling any task put in front of them, so it's plain to see why Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus is the show for them. Set in the year 400, after the bloody events of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus, two servants (played by Nathan Lane and Kristine Nielsen) are tasked with cleaning up the bodies after Rome's civil war. The characters' dark wit and refusal to let the bleakness of their circumstances get them down will resonate with any Virgo.

Production Photos: Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus on Broadway


(September 23–October 22)
What The Constitution Means to Me: Best Play nominee
Libras favor balance, symmetry, and intellectual discussions. What The Constitution Means to Me examines the Constitution and its impact on women from logical and emotional perspectives, providing staggering statistics as well as stories from creator and 2019 Tony nominated actor Heidi Schreck's own life. Plus, you'll experience a debate in real-time, giving you an opportunity to assess the document yourself—and what Libra wouldn't love that?

What_The_Constitution_Means_To_Me_New_York_Theatre_Workshop_Production_Photo_2018_Heidi Schreck in WHAT THE CONSTITUTION MEANS TO ME at New York Theatre Workshop, Photo by Joan Marcus (4)_HR.jpg
Heidi Schreck Joan Marcus


(October 23–November 21)
Beetlejuice: Best Musical nominee
Scorpios are known for being passionate and mysterious, with the sign being tied to the phoenix—a symbol of death and rebirth. With that in mind, Scorpios will enjoy the strange and unusual journey to the other side with Beetlejuice. Based on the cult classic Tim Burton film, you’ll appreciate the supernatural aesthetic and the stage magic that will keep you on your toes.


(November 22–December 21)
Kiss Me, Kate: Best Revival of a Musical nominee
If you're a Sagittarius, you have a curiosity and zest for life! The Kiss Me, Kate revival is full of pizzazz and energetic choreography, following divorced Broadway stars Lilli Vanessi and Fred Graham as they take the stage in a musical adaptation of Taming of the Shrew. Backstage chaos ensues due to miscommunication, gambling bets gone awry, and a bouquet of flowers sent to the wrong person.


(December 22–January 19)
Ink: Best Play nominee
No one knows the ambition and hard work needed to accomplish their goals better than Capricorns. Ink follows a young Rupert Murdoch as he tries to transform a struggling newspaper to a must-read tabloid, doing anything to achieve success.


(January 20–February 18)
Hadestown: Best Musical nominee
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are imaginative, out-of-the-box thinkers, who see the world as it could be. Hadestown is a folk opera retelling of the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice about using art to fight the power—a perfect fit for the unconventional visionaries of the zodiac.


(February 19–March 20)
The Prom: Best Musical nominee
If you're a Pisces, you're deeply empathetic and emotional, using your compassion to easily connect with others. The Prom follows a hilarious, albeit self-absorbed, group of Broadway stars from New York City to Indiana, where Emma is at the center of a heated debate about her high school hosting an LGBTQ-inclusive prom. There are plenty of laughs, but at the core, this heart-warming musical focuses on connecting with others.

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