Lift Your Spirits With Playbill's Broadway Boost Playlist

Playbill Playlist   Lift Your Spirits With Playbill's Broadway Boost Playlist
Turn to these tunes when you need a moment of inspiration to keep your head up and spirits high.

We may not be able to attend Broadway shows at the moment, but we can still listen to the music it has gifted us!

In the midst of the ongoing shutdown of theatres everywhere, this week's Playbill Playlist is here to offer up a collection of musical theatre songs that remind us not to lose hope in these tough times, and to always celebrate the resilience of the theatre community. Think: optimistic anthems like Annie's “Tomorrow,” determined power-ballads like “They Just Keep Moving The Line” from NBC's Smash, and catchy mood-boosters that will get you dancing, just like High School Musical's "We're All In This Together.”

Whether you're looking for a cheerful work-from-home playlist or you want some uplifting songs for a quarantine-style karaoke night, this playlist has you covered. We’ve curated a mix of contemporary favorites (Amélie, The Prom), classic Broadway (Annie Get Your Gun, The Sound of Music), as well as a few standards that celebrate New York City.

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