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A Wendy Weekend: 3 Nights, 3 Plays, All Wendy

Playbill is proud to announce A Wendy Weekend: Three Nights, Three Wasserstein Plays honoring what would have been Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winner Wendy Wasserstein’s 70th birthday on October 18. The weekend of readings in rep, directed by Stan Zimmerman (Gilmore Girls, The Golden Girls), will include Uncommon Women and Others available beginning Friday October 16 at 8PM ET, Isn’t It Romantic available beginning Saturday October 17 at 8PM ET and The Heidi Chronicles available beginning Sunday October 18 at 7PM ET. Sunday’s event will also include a post-show talkback with Zimmerman, actor Alma Cuervo, actor Lucy DeVito, and Wasserstein biographer Julie Salamon.

Tickets are $15 per play. Proceeds from the weekend will support TDF’s Wendy Wasserstein Project. Donate here.

These digital readings are presented with permission from the Dramatist Play Service and are produced by Pop-Up Playhouse and Stefani Von Huben.

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Previous Events

The Heidi Chronicles and an “All About Wendy” Talkback

No longer available

Synopsis: Wasserstein’s most renowned play, The Heidi Chronicles follows Heidi Holland from high school in the 1960s to her career as a successful art historian more than 20 years later. From small meetings to mobilize to the feminist cause to lunches with these same ladies years on, The Heidi Chronicles exposed the internal battle many women feel as they balance desires for careers, friendships, and families; as they grapple with what it means and can mean to be a feminist; about marriage and motherhood; about belonging and betrayal. A smash Broadway hit at the time, Wasserstein won the Tony Award for Best Play in 1989 and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

Cast: Amanda Bearse, Taylor Bracken (Bachelorette), Brittannie Bohman, Andrea Bowen, Madeline Grey DeFreece, Lucy DeVito, Ryan J. Duncan, Chris Farah, Danny Lee Gomez, Allie Gonino, Wendy Hammers, Jenny Lerner, Vanessa Marano, Michael Matts, Melody Peng, Jon Sprik, Mindy Sterling, Raviv Ullman, Natalie Whittle, and Stan Zimmerman. Mindy Cohn will read the stage directions.

Isn’t It Romantic

No longer available

Synopsis: Janie Blumberg and her WASP friend, Harriet Cornwall, have graduated college and are ready to take on the world. But their post-college careers and personal lives are fraught with more problems than prosperity. Both struggle to escape lingering parental domination and to establish their own lives and identities in Manhattan in the early ’80s. And, as is still at the fore of the conversation today, Janie and Harriett (and their mothers) grapple with the concept of “having it all.”

Cast: Amanda Bearse (Married... with Children), Andrea Bowen, Lucy DeVito, Ryan J. Duncan, Peggy Etra, Chris Farah, Andrew Fromer, Danny Lee Gomez, Wendy Hammers (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Lizzie Kramer, Jenny Lerner (The Mindy Project), Ken Lerner (The Goldbergs), Michael Matts (The Red Letter Plays), Jon Sprik (At the Table), Mindy Sterling, and Raviv Ullman (Usual Girls). Mindy Cohn (The Facts of Life) will read the stage directions.

Uncommon Women and Others

No longer available

Synopsis: A group of friends—all alumnae of Mount Holyoke College (Wasserstein’s alma mater)—meet for lunch in 1978 (five years after graduation, for most of them). As they reminisce about their time on campus, we travel in time back to 1972-73 in a series as seven seniors and one freshman "discover themselves" in the wake of the feminist movement. One of Wasserstein’s early plays, she wrote Uncommon Women as her thesis project while at Yale. It enjoyed success on Broadway, launching the careers of Swoosie Kurtz and Glenn Close and was later made into a PBS movie with Meryl Streep.

Cast: Brittannie Bohman (Left Behind), Andrea Bowen (Desperate Housewives), Ian Buchanan (The Bold and The Beautiful), Madeline Grey DeFreece (Tahara), Lucy DeVito (Hot Mess), Chelsea Gonzalez (The Mindy Project), Kalinda Gray (Avenue Q), Lizzie Kramer, Vanessa Marano (Switched at Birth), Melody Peng (The Mindy Project), Mindy Sterling (Austin Powers), and Natalie Whittle (Meet & Greet). Lauren Schaffel (Wait Until Dark) will read the stage directions.

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