Apollo Theatre (Victoria)

  • Handicap Access: Access: 1. 4 steps up to main entrance then through swing doors into foyer.
    2. 29 steps from foyer down to Stalls (A & Q have more leg space).
    3. 13 steps from foyer up to Dress Circle.
    4. 3 steps in between rows in auditorium.
    5. All staircases have handrails on both sides.
    Description: 1. Hard of Hearing/Deaf: No facilities as yet with occasional sign language interpreted performances
    2. Blind/Visually Impaired: 3 guide dogs are allowed per performance. Staff available to dog sit.
    3. Wheelchair Users: 4 users per performance. Entrance at EXIT on Wilton Rd. Will need help as one 10cm step to Dress Circle. Transfer is available. Must bring an able-bodied person with you. No adapted facilities.
Apollo Theatre (Victoria)
    • 17 Wilton Road
    • London SW1V 7HD
    • London
    • EN
    • UK

    Contact: 020 7636 6030