Whisper House

Whisper House

Presented by The Civilians

SYNOPSIS: An eerie lighthouse stands on the remote coast of Maine at the height of World War II. After losing his parents, young Christopher is sent there to live with his aunt Lily, whom he’s never met, and Yasuhiro, the Japanese man who works for her. Soon, Christopher begins to hear strange music seeping through the walls. Is his imagination getting the better of him? Or are there ghosts here, warning of real danger? Then the whispers become something louder…

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, performances did not begin in March as scheduled. The production hopes to begin in April.

Directed by Steve Cosson

Starring Samantha Mathis, Jeb Brown, Wyatt Cirbus, Molly Hager, Van Hughes, and James Yaegashi

Show Times: Tuesday-Friday @7pm, Saturday @2pm and 7pm, Sunday @2pm

Tickets from $55