The Fre

The Fre

SYNOPSIS: In the land of two bridges The Fre, a rambunctious group of fun loving anti-intellectuals spend their days cavorting in the mud. Into their midst descends Hero, a dandy aesthete, who longs to cut the bridge and finally escape the mud pit. But first he must convince the leader Frankie Fre and the other fatuous inhabitants that there is a better life outside of the swamp. In this queer love story, audiences will literally and figuratively jump into the mud with the Fre to hash out the current cultural divide.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, performances are suspended until April 1.

Directed by Niegel Smith

Starring two companies of The Bats including Ryan Chittaphong, Alex J. Moreno, Yvonne Jessica Pruitt, Adam Coy, Nate DeCook, Sarah Alice Shull, Joan Marie, and Marcus Jones, Lambert Tamin, Sam Geoffrey, Drita Kabashi, Jon Cook, Cesar Munoz, Georgia Kate Cohen, Ure Egbuho, and Matt Macca

Show Times: Monday @7pm, Thursday @7pm Friday @7pm, Saturday @3pm and 7pm, Sunday @3pm

Tickets from $25