A Turtle on a Fence Post

A Turtle on a Fence Post

It's one of Bill Clinton's favorite political expressions:

When you see a turtle on a fence post, you know it didn't get there by itself. It doesn’t belong there. You wonder who put it there.

And now, you'll know, it’s not about the turtle!

SYNOPSIS: Set in the contrasting locales of a comedy club and a correctional institution, Turtle… tells the fish-out-of-water story of a prominent New Yorker thrown into an unknown world by New York’s most powerful man, and how the experience changes him and those around him. The show deals with themes of freedom, forgiveness, truth and shifting perspectives, and features a bullying, toxic, retaliating, brutal New York Governor as its principal antagonist

Directed by Gabriel Barre
Choreographed by Kenny Ingram

Show Times: Tuesday @8pm, Wednesday @2:30pm and 8pm, Thursday @8pm, Friday @8pm, Saturday @2:30pm and 8pm, Sunday @3pm