Pavarotti Reportedly Responding Well to Cancer Treatment

Classic Arts News   Pavarotti Reportedly Responding Well to Cancer Treatment
Luciano Pavarotti is "doing well," the Italian newspaper La Stampa reports his wife, Nicoletta Mantovani, as saying.

"He's reacting well to a fifth cycle of radiotherapy, he's fighting like a lion and has never lost his heart, also because a family he adores is by his side."

Mantovani spoke from Ischia, an island on the Gulf of Naples, where she was accepting a music award on her husband's behalf.

"He is filled with happiness," she said. "You can never tell, but I think Luciano has done it, he's recovered."

Mantovani said that quotes by her husband's daughter, Giuliana, alleging Pavarotti "knows he will die soon" were taken out of context when published in the Italian magazine, Diva e Donna. The tenor may even recommence his annual benefit concert, Pavarotti & Friends, in Modena.

"He's determined and the results are encouraging," said Mantovani.

"Despite the heavy treatment he has not lost weight — which by the way he would have liked — or his hair."

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