Mute 'Piano Man' May Be From Norway

Classic Arts News   Mute 'Piano Man' May Be From Norway
The silent man found wandering in Kent, England, earlier this year may be from Norway, the BBC reports.

The man recently pointed to Oslo on a map, leading investigators to bring in a Norwegian speaker to attempt to communicate with him. He has still not spoken, but observers said that he appeared to be more responsive when spoken to in Norwegian.

The man was found in April, wandering soaking wet and dressed in a suit in the town of Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey. He is currently being held in a mental hospital. Shortly after being found, he drew a picture of a piano and played music from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, prompting speculation that he was a professional musician.

More than 200 people have come forward to propose possible identifies for the man, but none of the leads have held up to this point.

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