Zog Culture Virtual Events is Hiring


Zog Culture Virtual Events is Hiring

CATEGORY: Non-Theatrical

New York City, NY 10018
United States

Job Details


For all postings: Please send resume to hiring@zogculture.com


  • Virtual Staff
  • Virtual Emcee
  • Tech Lead
  • Facilitator / Support

About us:

ZogCulture creates personal connections and caring communities through play at work. We are the experts in virtual and in-person company events with dozens of years of experience in company culture, employee engagement, and corporate events. ZogCulture has become the go-to events partner for organizations from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Core Values:

  • Here at ZogCulture, we’ve built a playful culture that encourages our team to share ideas, care about each other, and actually enjoy what we do. And we don’t just believe it. We live it.

Our core values are:
  • Fun
  • Caring
  • Team player
  • Continuous improvement
  • Reliable
  • Own it

Key Traits for Virtual Staff:
  • You are highly driven, and are passionate about turning dreams into memorable customer experiences.
  • You aim to create and promote a supportive work environment for your co-workers and our clients.
  • You are able to show up with a genuine attitude and work well with others. You are also willing to take on a task that might not necessarily be your “job” to help out a coworker.
  • You share candid criticism in a positive supportive way as well as receive criticism with the knowledge that its goal is to make all of our events better!
  • You show up on time, with a great attitude with all the tools necessary to do your job.
  • We will give you all of the tools you need as long as YOU are willing to put them to use.

Specific roles:

Emcee ($20/hr)

You are the actor type -- you like to stand in the spotlight -- you are the kind of person able to be in character and bring the party all while juggling leading your team, sharing your screen, following a script, and delivering a professional experience.

  • As an EMCEE you are the “EVENT CAPTAIN”:
  • Leading all other event team staff members, delegating responsibilities, final decision maker
  • Walking through and owning pre-event checklist review
  • Possessing ability to coach other team members on game back-end to inform flow of event
  • Holding event to scheduled run-of-show and timing expectations
  • Finalizing client deliverables co-developed by the team during the event and reviewing event success with Account & Product Lead
  • Entertaining the event participants in a fun & professional manner
  • Teaching participants how to play the event
  • Presenting game decks and ad-libbing event script
  • Running tech training for select event participants (i.e. team captains)
  • Sharing screen & playing music through Zoom
  • Tracking Zoom chat and responding to participants vocally (as appropriate)

  • Fun & Outgoing (acting or improv background preferred)
  • Technical savvy (must be comfortable navigating and leading meetings on Zoom)
  • Leader (able to lead a team and guide the client and their event participants through event hiccups and challenges via problem solving, strong communication, time management and organization)

Tech Lead ($17/hr)

You are the stage manager. You can call cues, maintain a run-of-show and support the team & client in all things technical.

  • As a TECH LEAD You are the ZOOM HOST (PRIMARY)
  • Opening and running the ZogCulture Zoom link
  • Making other ZogCulture staff co-hosts as well as any clients and participants as indicated
  • Creating and overseeing breakout rooms, moving participants to rooms as needed
  • Sending broadcast updates/messages to all participants in a professional manner
  • Creating, launching and sharing polls
  • Renaming participants
  • Muting participants
  • Recording sessions and saving chats
  • You oversee the GAME BACK-END & MATERIALS
  • Overseeing the back-end of ZogCulture games and how fast participants are moving through game to share with the Emcee
  • Communicating game updates with ZogCulture Emcee
  • Editing backend as needed
  • Supporting final deck updates (as needed)
  • Technical Expert (understand Zoom functionality in-depth. Know how to create breakout rooms, launch polls, co-spotlight and more)
  • Comfortable Under Pressure (you’re cool as a cucumber in stressful situations. Decisive and action-oriented, able to solve problems in a flash)
  • Communication (you tell it like it is. Quick to share what is going on in the backend of the event as the technical partner to the event emcee)

Facilitator/Support ($15/hr)

You are the team player! You want face-to-face time with our clients while supporting the Emcee & Tech Lead.

  • As a Facilitator you are TECH SUPPORT
  • Fielding questions and requests from participants and troubleshooting fixes
  • Renaming participants on Zoom
  • Muting participants
  • Spotlighting participants
  • Editing final game deck with scores and photos in real-time
  • Echoing key MC points in chat (ex. asking participants to share where they are calling in from, sharing question PDF, etc.)
  • Taking screenshots of participants
  • Reviewing scores and updating decks accordingly
  • Updating team scores, adding bonus points as needed on game backend
  • Fun & Outgoing (acting or improv background preferred)
  • Technical Savvy (must be comfortable hopping between breakout rooms on Zoom, editing Google Slides decks )
  • Communication (you tell it like it is. Quick to share what is going on in the backend of the event and share with your team leaders and participants)

Due to the great number of resumes we receive daily, we regret that we are unable to respond individually to each person interested in our company, or answer inquiries regarding the status of a particular resume. If there is interest in interviewing you for this job, a representative from ZogCulture will contact you in the near future.

ZogCulture is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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