Classics in Color: Summoned | Playbill

Classics in Color: Summoned

CATEGORY: Performer

Dramatic Question Theatre


Maria Torres

Job Details


Seeking actors and stage manager for presentation of SUMMONED


Summoned is an original play by Sheyenne Javonne Brown. It is currently in development in Dramatic Question Theatre’s Classics in Color Program. We are seeking actors and a stage manager for a semi-staged presentation.

Dramatic Question Theatre's mission is to develop and present plays written by women and people of color as well as cultivate a diverse audience who supports them. We do this by providing playwrights with a range of opportunities and audiences with theatre that reflects their experiences.


Playwright: Sheyenne Javonne Brown

Director/Dramaturg: Heather Harvey

Produced by Dramatic Question Theatre

Executive Director: Michael Mejias

Artistic Director: Maria Elena Torres


Seeking Black Femme Early to Mid 30’s for Astraia (Ah-stray-UH) Alexander-Brooks

Black woman at the top of her game professionally as an operatic vocalist and musical theater starlet. She's who little black girls aspire to grow up to become. She fills any room she enters, but with subtlety and an air of mystery, which, quiet as kept, is probably the result of her inner critic telling her to always keep TAP - Time and Place - in mind. She's got that can't eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars, world series kind of love for her partner Delano, and TAP shows up between them in a whole different way than it does for her public persona. When her husband is arrested conveniently after he witnessed and spoke out about the murder of a Black boy, Astraia finds herself between The Light and The Underworld (Inspired by Orpheus)

Seeking Black Masc Late 20’s to Early 30’s for Delano (Del-EN-oh) Brooks

Astraia's husband. Or, at least that's what he thinks people view him as. A Black man who lives and dies by "I only speak if I have something to say," but when he! You might not hear him often, but he will absolutely be felt. It won't be a jab to the gut, but the hair raises around your earlobes. People can't tell if he "got it out the mud" or off of a silver spoon, but they do know he's "Rooting for Everybody Black," and is navigating how to liberate his people from post-traumatic slave syndrome without showboating, His adoration and support for Astraia's luminescence is palpable; standing behind her every step of the way, but as he starts to stand at her side, some of them dark shadows following him will get some unwanted shine too. Bitten by a venomous state-sanctioned snake, Delano has to be saved. (Inspired by Eurydice)

Seeking White Femme Early to Mid 30’s for Yama (Yah-MUH) Marchand

Astraia's day-one true-blue best friend who doesn't know how to do anything half-assed- not her job as a talent agent at a major talent agency, and definitely not when it comes to her best friend who also happens to be her client. She is the epitome of loyalty and has a tool kit that spans helping you key a car or asking to speak to a manager. She's earned her spot as Astraia's only White confidante and captain of her career. But sometimes her protectiveness can overshadow her allyship. Her ability to take up space without a question of whether or not she has the authority to is ::chefs kiss:: but we're never quite sure who's the intended diner. (Loosely Inspired by Chiron or Hades)

Seeking Black Masc Late 30’s to Early 40’s for Wade "Oakland" Martin

Delano's attorney who'd spent a long bid serving as a public defender before finally deciding hero work cost him too much: from his faith that he was changing the world to his wife, who conveniently filed for divorce after he moved to a private practice. You can still smell the "I went to an HBCU/I was an Omega" aroma lingering on him, so his jadedness from experience still comes with wit and jagged charm. He's still got some fire to him to set the justice system ablaze, and because he came so highly recommended by Yama, Astraia retained him as Delano's defense attorney with blind faith. Oakland is the clock that time broke, so he's right at least twice a day and when it matters, but he's still feeling some type of way about drinking from the fountain of Yama's milk, the audacity of Hope-his Black ex-wife-we discover. He definitely brings his full self to work, whether we like it or not. (Loosely inspired by Chiron or Hades)

Seeking 1-2 White/White Passing BIPOC Any Gender 30s+ for:

Police Officer - The arresting/harassing officer. They were close to the officer who got charged for Joseph Grates' murder. I don't think we'll need to see them much, if at all...there could be an artistic/multi-media driven way of representing the confrontational arrest, but will need his voice regardless. If we want to get spicy, they could be Black, too...but that adds a layer to the story.

Judge - The judge presiding over Delano's arraignment and trial. I think this could be another opportunity to do a voiceover, unless you think an actual courtroom scene is the stronger choice.

Moderator or Interviewer - Interviews Delano at the beginning, and tentatively Astraia at some point towards the end. Strong "Devil's advocate" vibes, so we don't get a clear agenda...just messy bishes (gender neutral) trying to get a rise out of their subjects.

Stage Manager

Seeking stage manager with both virtual and in-person theatre development experience. Must be organized, collaborative, and possess an excellent attention to detail.

Time Commitment

The principal goal of this process is to support the playwright as she develops Summoned for a rich future in the industry. The rehearsal process will serve the dual purpose of sharing a strong presentation but also supporting the playwright as she continues to develop her work.

Actors will be expected to commit to no more than 6 hours of virtual rehearsal each week January 24-February 7.

Between February 7-24th, actors will be called for in-person rehearsals. In-person rehearsal commitment will not exceed 24 hours.

The final presentations will be semi-staged in-person performances on February 25-26.


Actors will receive $150. Stage manager will receive $200.

Application Instructions

Please submit your headshot and resumé via the form linked here:

We will not consider applications submitted through other means.

Please note that as this project does include in-person meetings, all cast and crew will be required to be fully vaccinated by February 15th. Boosters are highly encouraged. Cast and crew will be required to adhere to the city, state, and federal Covid-19 precautions as well as any additional requirements for our rehearsal and performance spaces.









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