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The Cursed Beast: Staged Reading Auditions

CATEGORY: Performer

Song of Avalon Saga
Astoria, NY

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Seeking Non-union and AEA Actors, Movers, and Singers for a staged reading of

The Song of Avalon Saga: The Cursed Beast.

Script and lyrics by: Lisa LaGrande (She/Her)

Music and additional lyrics by: Kristin KP Sgarro (They/Them)

Directed by: Xenia Danylyszyn (She/They)

Reading Date: March 17, 2024

Rehearsals: March 1st-16th, 2024

Reading Stipend Offered: $100.00

Long ago, the Wizard Merlin proclaimed the Bastard child of Morgan Le Fey and King Arthur would bring about the end of the world. This prophecy poisoned relationships, caused wars, and has nearly split the magic and mortal realms for the last twenty years. Mordred, kept in hiding and always on the run, returns now to Avalon determined to change their fate and finally tell their own story. Their Mother, Morgan Le Fey, has spent the last twenty years aligned with Dark Magic, never quite able to escape it–until now. She has one chance to change the course of her life, but she cannot do it alone. As part of a three part Arthurian Trilogy with music, The Cursed Beast explores the darkest parts of ourselves and how we can overcome our trauma to heal and find the courage to step into our own stories to create something new.

Can you change your fate? Join us and find out.

To submit for an appointment, please email the following to

Your photo and resume

Any conflicts for the audition date (2/17/24) and callback date (2/18/24)

A tape that demonstrates your singing ability:
The musical style of the song selection is up to you, but the style of the show is orchestral folk/celtic

May be accompanied or acappella

Trans/non-binary folks: please choose the register you’re most comfortable singing in; the composer will fit the key/arrangement of their music to the actors cast

If you have the ability to sing melodies that feature the voice break between your lower and upper registers, we would love to hear it (ex: Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries, Ingrid Michaelson), but it is not required

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 11:59pm Thursday, February 15th.

If contacted, but unable to make an audition date, you may be requested to send a self tape.

Auditions: Saturday, February 17th from 9:00am-3:00pm

Auditions will consist of groups reading from the script and movement work

Callbacks: Sunday, February 18th from 10:00am-3:00pm

Groups scenes, movement, and a group music call.

Actors cast will need to be comfortable with movement work and physical storytelling, strong singers who are able to blend/hold harmony, and able to emotionally connect with minimal blocking.

We encourage and welcome all actors, particularly those of the trans/non-binary/queer and LGTBQIA+ community, actors of the global majority, and performers with disabilities to submit for the roles they are most comfortable playing.

THE CURSED BEAST Character Breakdown

MORGAN LE FEY: Woman/Femme, any race or ethnicity, early 40’s. Morgan Le Fey is an immensely powerful Enchantress and Healer, a protective and loving Mother, but always a woman on the run. Often referred to as “The Magpie,” for her gift to change her form, Morgan is a woman of many things. Bold and outspoken, passionate and loving, fierce and ambitious, stubborn and fiery, but forever a haunted woman of many secrets and past trauma, who rarely asks for help. She has allied herself with the Dark Fey and become a practitioner of Dark Magic, but now seeks redemption for her misdeeds and works to change her family’s fate. Elemental Magic: Earth & Fire. Must be a confident soloist.
Please note: This role is already cast.

MORDRED: Trans/Non-binary AFAB (relevant to the script), any race or ethnicity, early 20’s. Born of accidental incest, they are the bastard child of Morgan Le Fey & King Arthur. From the moment of their birth, a prophecy was foretold they would bring about the end of Camelot. Kept in hiding and out of the narrative for far too long, Mordred chooses to finally step into their own story and fights with all they have to change their destiny. Devoted to their Mother, they are adventurous, competitive, brave, kind, and a bit fiery. Mordred is fiercely loyal to those they love and longs to make their own path in this world. In a full production, this character is highly skilled in swordplay, but for the purposes of this reading, stage combat experience will not be required. Elemental Magic: Fire Casting Note: Seeking only trans/non-binary actors for this role. Must be a confident soloist.

NIMUE: Woman/Femme, any race or ethnicity, late 30’s. The Lady of the Lake. Once the Lover of Morgan Le Fey and adoptive Mother to Mordred, she now serves as the royal advisor and ally to King Arthur. She tries to be the peacekeeper between the worlds of magic and mortals. Plagued by the gifts of being a prophetess, Nimue struggles with controlling her visions, leaving her anxious and not always certain of the right path forward. Nimue is kind hearted, gentle, and compassionate, with an undeniable strength of will and deep love for those she cares for most. Despite all odds, Nimue clings to hope. Elemental Magic: Water Casting Note: Must be a confident soloist.

BRICRIU: Trans/Non-binary, any race or ethnicity, any age. The ruthless, seductive, and ever charming King of the Dark Fey. Ally to Morgan. Observant. Calculated. They move with the grace and sleekness of a snake. A powerful creature well skilled in manipulation of our deepest desires and fears. They may bestow great gifts, for a price. Bricriu speaks in rhyme or free verse. Casting Note: Seeking only trans/non-binary actors for this role.

KING ARTHUR: Man/Masc, any race or ethnicity, early 40’s. The infamous King of Camelot is kind hearted, a man of great honor and worth, who seeks to serve his people at all costs, but Arthur remains a haunted man. The years have not been kind, he is Father without a child, a grieving brother, and a devoted, though lately a rather neglectful husband. Arthur is a man who still punishes himself for past mistakes, unable to fully work through his own trauma. Arthur holds fast to his duty and his ideals above all else, which may be his greatest flaw.

*QUEEN GUINEVERE Woman/Femme, any race or ethnicity, late 30’s. Guinevere is the much beloved Queen of Camelot. She is intelligent, merciful, and deeply kind. Guinevere is a woman who was raised to stand in the shadows of great men, but to do so, has denied many of her own ambitions and dreams. Struggling with infertility, Guin may still have her husband’s heart, but few will give her their ear, which only leads to discontent and a need to prove her own worth in a Kingdom where women are hardly given such a platform. Casting Note: This role doubles with Siobhan.

*SIOBHAN: Any gender, any race or ethnicity, mid 30’s. A former practitioner of Avalon who is second in command to Morgan Le Fey. Siobhan is fiercely loyal, a skilled fighter in weaponry and magic, and an expert secret keeper. Casting note: This role will double with Guinevere.

LADY MORGAUSE: Woman/Femme, any race or ethnicity, 50’s+. She was once known as the Queen of Air & Darkness, a leader of a great rebellion against Camelot. Defeated and disgraced, her husband executed, her eldests sons lost in battle, and her youngest child, Gawain, taken away, Morgause has lived her life in exile for over a decade. She has now been summoned to court to serve as Lady in Waiting and advisor to Queen Guinevere. She is a political mastermind who knows how to play the game often better than anyone else. She is always working to climb the ladder and regain her once great power.

SIR KAY: Any gender, any race or ethnicity, early 30’s. The older adopted brother of King Arthur and dear friend to Lady Nimue, Kay was beloved for his ability to be a wonderful storyteller, was quick with a joke, and hopeful, always. However, he is long thought to have been killed by Morgan Le Fey. The stories go she murdered him to enact her revenge, thus began the great war between Camelot and the Witch. Kay however, has a different fate, not killed, but cursed. He has been trapped these twenty years cast in stone, with only Morgan to keep his soul company. He serves now as her guiding force, urging her back toward redemption and healing what has long been broken.

SIR LANCELOT: Man/Masc, any race or ethnicity, early 40’s. The infamous hero of Camelot is thought of as one of the greatest knights in all the world and he knows it. Confident, noble, competitive, and fiercely loyal and loving to those he cares for, he strives to do what he believes is right. To him, there are no shades of gray, only what is good and what is evil. His pursuit of Morgan Le Fey seems unending and brutal since she burned and scarred his face nearly twenty years ago. To all the world, he may be a hero, but to those who are hunted, he is known only as “The Burned Man.”

SIR GAWAIN Transmasc, any race or ethnicity, mid 20’s. The child of Morgause and the defeated King Lot does not possess his Mother’s ambition. Separated from her at a young age and taken in by the Round Table, Gawain has been raised at court. Quick with a good wit and an instant friend to all who meet him, this Bard serves the court of Camelot with his Sword and with song. He is loyal to those who took him in, often choosing to see the good in others. In a full production, this character is a highly skilled instrumentalist, but for the purposes of this reading, instrumental skills will not be required. Casting Note: Seeking only trans/non-binary actors for this role. Must be a confident soloist.

*SIR PELINOR: Man/Masc, any race or ethnicity, 6o’s+. The aging knight was once a former King himself, but found contentment and renown as a knight under Arthur’s rule. He is probably well past his best fighting days, but will never admit it until long after they put him in his grave. He loves to joke, and share an ale or two, loves nothing more than to regale his devoted audience with a good story, even if he does forget or change the details from time to time. Casting Note: This role doubles with Merlin.

*MERLIN: Man/Masc, any race or ethnicity, 60s+. The Great Wizard has not been seen in Camelot in twenty years. Often referred to as “the madman”, Merlin never knew where or when he was most of the time. To this day, no one knows what truly happened to him. He serves as a distant memory, haunting those who loved, who hated, and feared him. Casting Note: This role doubles with Sir Pelinor.

*This project will be following the AEA Staged Reading Guidelines. Paperwork pending.

*An Intimacy Director will be present in rehearsals to stage minimal intimacy moments.


Mar 1, 2024 - Mar 17, 2024


$100.00 – $100.00 per gig





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