Tammany Hall/Production Designer


Tammany Hall/Production Designer


SoHo Playhouse
New York, NY 10013

Job Details


TAMMANY HALL is a new site-based immersive production at SoHo Playhouse in New York. We are actively seeking a Production Designer to work with Darren Lee Cole and Alexander Wright in the creation of the show. Tammany Hall focuses on the mayoral election night in New York, 1929. It invites an audience into the zenith of corruption, speakeasies, Broadway glamour, organized crime, and political luxury at a moment where that tower is about to topple.

This is a narrative-led, immersive production that will see an audience journey through myriad spaces and narrative routes, as such we are looking for creatives with high-level skill sets, wild creative ambition, and imagination, and superb technical ability to imagine and realize a whole world.   

The Production Designer will be responsible for imagining, designing, and realizing a whole world across four floors of SoHo Playhouse and be able to lead that vision from inception to installation and through to completion. We are looking for someone with a gorgeous eye for detail, a zeal for style and metaphor that lands us in 1929 whilst also appealing to the energy of a 2021 audience, and someone with the technical and artistic capacity to imagine the full transformation of a whole building. The Production Designer joins the team at a key creative moment with broad brushstrokes of narrative and form conceptually in place, ready for the next level of detail and concept to be added.   

Experience in site-based or immersive work is desired, but not essential. However, the capacity to think in 360 degrees and how an audience’s experience sits, changes, shifts, is expressed and amplified by design is a must.   

Key creative, rehearsal, and production dates are as follows.
Design Meetings start early Aug. 2021
Rehearsals start early October
First Preview- October 22, 2021
Open Night November 2, 2021


August 2, 2021 - November 2, 2021


$5,000 plus opportunity for AWC





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