Slap: A Stage Play

Slap: A Stage Play

CATEGORY: Performer

Bouvier Street
New York, NY 10011


Alicia Simon

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Play synopsis: It is 2019 and 4 generations of women are unaware of how there realities affect one another. There is no communication between the women. They each have their own priorities yet are all experiencing the same trials and triumphs.

Slap will reveal the complexities of each woman and the dualities of their character. We will see how they represent themselves to the world and we will see who they are internally and the weight that they carry which seldomly rises to the surface.

The play will be set in the family living room. Each scene will focus on one character. Once the character goes into the their monologue the lights will focus on that character then recede once the monologue is done.

ELDER: Older black woman age 50 and older (age range actor can play 40-50)
AUNT: black woman early thirties
MOTHER: black woman late thirties
DAUGHTER: young girl 7-14 years old

Audition protocol:  Upon responding to the job posting please submit your head shot, resume and link to your performance reel.  In addition to 3 references which can verify your acting education and or experience.  Also type "Slap Audition" in the subject field of your email

Background info: the playwright and director Alicia Simon has trained as an actor at University of the Arts and completed an undergraduate degree at The New School.  Presently residing and working in NYC.  More about the playwright available at


March 1, 2021 - May 28, 2021





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