Signature Theatre 2024-2025 Season - Arlington, VA EPA (04.11.24, 04.12.24) | Playbill

Signature Theatre 2024-2025 Season - Arlington, VA EPA (04.11.24, 04.12.24)

CATEGORY: Performer

Signature Theatre
Arlington, VA

Job Details



Thursday, April 11, 2024

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM (E)

Lunch 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


No advanced appointments. Auditions will be held on a first come, first served basis starting on the morning of the audition. Sign-ups will begin at 9:30am.


LORT Non-Rep

$1100 weekly minimum (LORT B)

$807 weekly minimum (LORT D)


Equity actors for roles in Signature Theatre's 2024-25 Season (See breakdown).

Signature Theatre is an Equal Opportunity Employer who celebrates diversity and does not discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, disability status, or any other applicable characteristics protected by law.

Actors of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, gender identities and expressions, and performers living with disabilities are encouraged to audition. Signature Theatre is committed to providing access, equal opportunity, and reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities in employment, its services, programs, and activities.


Please prepare a short monologue and/or short song. Auditions may not exceed 2 minutes total. An accompanist will be provided. Please bring a copy of your headshot and resume stapled together.

Always bring your Equity card to EPAs.


Signature Theatre

4200 Campbell Ave

Arlington, VA 22206-3435

2nd Floor Lobby - Holding space.


Expected to attend:

Jorge Acevedo, Casting Director

Angelica Miguel, Executive & Casting Assistant

See breakdown for production specific personnel.


See breakdown for production specific dates.


We strive to create a comfortable and safe space for artists to do their best work so please include information regarding any accessibility needs either during your audition or during your employment at Signature Theatre.

An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination.

Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.


Signature Theatre 2024-25 Season

The character breakdowns include gender specifications that reflect the identity of the characters as

written by the playwrights. However, we strongly encourage performers with any gender expression

and/or gender identity to audition for any role.


The MAX Theatre: LORT B Scale

Book & Lyrics by: David Henry Hwang

Music & Additional Lyrics by: Jeanine Tesori

Director: Ethan Heard

Choreographer: Billy Bustamante

Music Director: Chris Fenwick

1st Rehearsal: July 9, 2024

1st Performance: August 6, 2024

Closing: September 15, 2024

Possible Extension: September 20, 2024

All parts to be understudied.

SYNOPSIS: New York, 2016. Chinese American playwright DHH walks home the night after the 2016 election, shocked by the outcome. He remembers that a producer from Shanghai, Xue Xing, had predicted this election result, arguing that democracy is flawed and chaotic. Xue Xing has hired DHH to write a Chinese musical intended for Broadway, as part of his nation's quest to gain "soft power" through art and culture, but DHH has been struggling to write it. Suddenly, DHH is stabbed in the neck by an unknown assailant. He passes out and dreams a musical about Xue Xing coming to the US and falling in love with Hillary Clinton. In this musical, DHH sees America - its culture and politics - through the eyes of China: a deeply militarized, religious fundamentalist, violent society where Hillary’s campaign event is a production number at a McDonald’s. When Hillary loses the election and a MAGA thug stabs DHH to death, Xue Xing steps in as the "yellow hero" who will save America from itself. Eventually, DHH awakens from his dream in a hospital bed. He's telling us this story today, in 2024, after a pandemic in which violent attacks against AAPIs became common. Despite the continuing threats to AAPIs and our nation, DHH chooses to continue believing in democracy. This show is meta- theatrical; there is a show within the show. DHH dreams a musical inhabited by characters who are all Chinese actors portraying American characters, including Hillary Clinton.


[DHH]: (he/him) The famous writer David Henry Hwang. Born in America, he feels more American than Chinese. Male, 40-60s. Baritone.

[XŪE XÍNG]: (he/him) A Chinese National who speaks with a Shanghai accent. President for North America of Dragon Entertainment group. Seeking to make Shanghai the theatre capital of Asia. Values duty to his family and country very highly. Male, 40s. Tenor. Intimacy required for this role.

[HILLARY CLINTON]: (she/her) Smart, idealistic, high-energy triple-threat who is doing whatever it takes to win the Presidency. Well-intentioned and an expert in (almost) everything. Powerhouse vocalist. Special skills and talents (tap, hip hop, juggling, spinning plates, splits etc.) are a plus. Intimacy required for this role. Female, 30-50s.



The ARK Theatre: LORT D Scale

Written by Eboni Booth

Director: TBA

1st Rehearsal: August 13, 2024

1st Performances: September 10, 2024

Closing: October 20, 2024

Possible Extension: N/A

All parts to be understudied.

SYNOPSIS: Life was going just fine for Kenneth. Working for his local bookstore, spending nights at his favorite tiki bar, living a calm suburban life. Until one day, his quiet life spirals as he loses his job and his best friend. However, he soon finds out that life is full of surprising second chances.


[KENNETH]: (he/him) Grew up in foster homes, works at the local bookstore and spends most evenings at Wally’s, a tiki bar. Mostly keeps to himself, cautious in new situations and a bit of an overthinker. Male, Black, late 30s.

[BERT]: (he/him) Kenneth’s “imaginary” best friend. Has a good heart, a wife, two daughters, and is allergic to peanuts. Male, Black, late 30s-40s.

[CORRINA/WALLY’S WAITER/BANK CUSTOMERS]: (she/her) One of the newest waiters at Wally’s, becomes fast friends with Kenneth. Kind & bubbly./All the waiters at Wally’s, a tiki bar/All the customers at the Primary Trust bank. Female, Black, 30s-40s.

[CLAY/SAM/LE POUSSELET BARTENDER]: (he/him) Employee of Primary Trust Bank. Loves to reminisce on his college glory days./Kenneth’s coworker and owner of the bookstore. Older and has a hard time getting around./Bartender at the fanciest bar in Cranberry. Male, any race, 50s-60s.


The MAX Theatre: LORT B Scale

Book by Burt Shevelove & Larry Gelbart

Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Director: Matthew Gardiner

Music Director: Jon Kalbfleisch

Choreographer: TBA

1st Rehearsal: October 1, 2024

1st Performance: October 29, 2024

Closing: January 12, 2025

Possible Extension: N/A

All parts to be understudied.

SYNOPSIS: “Something familiar, something peculiar, something for everybody” in this hit musical comedy! Set during the Roman Empire, the story follows Pseudolus, a Roman slave, who attempts to win the heart of Philia for his master, Hero, in exchange for his freedom.


[PROLOGUS/PSEUDOLUS]: (he/him) The narrator of the story and introduces the characters. Sets the stage of the story for the audience./A Roman slave who serves under and watches over Hero. Sly, energetic, crafty. Has great comedic timing and physicality. 30s-50s. Baritone.

[SENEX]: (he/him) Hero’s father and husband to Domina. Grumpy but easily willing to appease his wife. 60s-70s. Bass.

[DOMINA]: (she/her) Hero’s mother and wife to Senex. Demanding, confident, and a bit high-strung. The “true” master of the house of Senex. Very protective of her son. 40s-50s. Mezzo.

[HERO]: (he/him) Senex’s son and in love with Philia. Handsome, aloof, and a hopeless romantic. 20s-30s. Tenor. Intimacy required for this role.

[HYSTERIUM]: (he/him) Roman “Slave-in-chief” in charge of the house of Senex. Eager to please Domina and acts as her right hand. A stickler for the rules and can go into hysterics when they aren’t followed. 40s-50s. Baritone.

[ERRONIUS]: (he/him) Owner of the house of Erronius. A befuddled old man away on his travels in search of his children who were stolen in infancy by pirates. 50s-60s. Baritone.

[MILES GLORIOSUS]: (he/him) A Roman captain. Bought Philia as a courtesan from Lycus. Strong,

arrogant, and chauvinistic. 20s-30s. Baritone.

[LYCUS]: (he/him) Owner of a house of courtesans. Loves a good profit. 40s-50s. Baritone.

[PHILIA]: (she/her) A courtesan from Crete. Has Hero’s heart and affection. Dim-witted and doe eyed.

Early 20s. Soprano. Intimacy required for this role.

[ENSEMBLE]: Seeking strong singers, dancers, actors to play various roles such as: COURTESANS,



The ARK Theatre: LORT D Scale

Director: Matthew Gardiner

1st Rehearsal: January 2, 2024

1st Performance: January 28, 2024

Closing: March 16, 2024

Possible extension: N/A

All parts to be understudied.

SYNOPSIS: Jane, a burnt-out big tech employee, has become the subject of a viral video and is mandated by her company to go to therapy. Set in Loyd’s therapy clinic, Jane and Loyd discuss their generations’ roles and effect on the internet and the responsibility of the world’s virtual footprint.


[JANE]: (she/her) Female, mid 20s, white. Young professional living in the bay area. Stylish but not ostentatiously so. Self-aware to a fault. Wouldn’t be out of place at SoulCycle.

[LOYD]: (he/him) Male, 60s or older, white. Lived in the East Bay his whole life. Has a hippie adjacent sort of look – unkempt beard, sandals, shorts even when it’s a little too cold. Has a high opinion of himself. Wouldn’t be out of place at a Grateful Dead show.


The MAX Theatre: LORT B Scale

Book by Quiara Alegría Hudes

Music & Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Director: James Vásquez

Choreographer: TBA

Music Director: TBA

1st Rehearsal: January 13, 2025

1st Performance: February 11, 2025

Closing: May 4, 2025

Possible Extension: N/A

All parts to be understudied.

SYNOPSIS: Set in the hottest July of Washington Heights, Usnavi and the neighborhood struggle with the heat and gentrification all while lifting each other up to work toward dreams of a better life for their community.


[USNAVI DE LA VEGA]: (he/him) Owner of De La Vega Bodega. Charismatic but lacks confidence at times. Has a huge crush on Vanessa. Longs to be reunited with his family back home in the Dominican Republic. Male, Latine, Mid 20s. Strong rapper/singer. Intimacy required for this role.

[NINA ROSARIO]: (she/her) Freshman at Stanford. First in her family to make it to college and has a lot on her shoulders. Female, Latine, 19. Mezzo-soprano with strong belt. Intimacy required for this role.

[KEVIN ROSARIO]: (he/him) Nina’s father, owner of Rosario Car Service. Nina is his pride and joy. Holds a lot of pride as the head of a household. Male, Latine, 40s. Baritone.

[CAMILA ROSARIO]: (she/her) Nina’s mother & co-owner of Rosario Car Service. Female, Latine, 40s. Alto.

[BENNY]: (he/him) Rosario Car Service employee. Male, Black, Mid-20s. Tenor & strong rapper. Intimacy required for this role.

[VANESSA]: (she/her) Hairdresser at Daniela’s salon. Has big dreams of leaving Washington Heights. Female, Latine, 20s. Mezzo-soprano with strong belt. Intimacy required for this role.

[SONNY]: (he/him) Usnavi’s cousin. Wants the best for his community. Male, Latine, Late teens/early 20s. Baritenor & rapper.

[ABUELA CLAUDIA]: (she/her) Raised Usnavi and is the community’s matriarch. Female, Latine, Mid-late 60s. Mezzo-soprano.

[DANIELA]: (she/her) Owner of the salon. The queen of “chisme.” Female, Latine, 30s. Mezzo- soprano.

[CARLA]: (she/her) Hairdresser at Daniela’s salon. Daniela’s right hand. Female, Latine, 20s. Mezzo- soprano.

[GRAFFITI PETE]: (he/him) Graffiti artist. A strong dancer/b-boy/etc. Male, Latine, 20s.

[PIRAGUA GUY]: (he/him) He’s a haven on a hot summer day – makes piraguas with all kinds of flavors. A neighborhood staple. Male, Latine, 30s. Tenor.

[ENSEMBLE]: Seeking strong singers, dancers, & actors for various ensemble roles such as neighbors, club dancers, hairdressers, community members, etc.


The ARK Theatre: LORT D Scale

Music & Lyrics by Stephen Trask

Book by John Cameron Mitchell

Director: Ethan Heard

Music Director: TBA

Choreographer: TBA

1st Rehearsal: March 18, 2025

1st Performance: April 15, 2025

Closing: June 22, 2025

Possible Extension: N/A

All parts to be understudied.

SYNOPSIS: A post-punk rock musical that smashes the fourth wall and follows Hedwig, a gender- queer punk-rock singer and her band “The Angry Inch.”


[HEDWIG]: (any gender queer expression) A genderqueer East German rock singer that underwent a botched sex change operation. A force of nature. Strong rock singer/belter. Intimacy required for this role.

[YITZHAK]: (any gender expression) A “sullen male roadie.” Hedwig’s husband and backup singer in
band. Guitar skills are a plus but not required. Strong rock belter. Intimacy required for this role.

The MAX Theatre: LORT B Scale
Director: TBA
Music Director: TBA
1st Rehearsal: May 6, 2025
1st Performance: June 3, 2025
Closing: July 13, 2025
Possible Extension: N/A
All parts to be understudied.


LORT Non-Rep (See above)




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