Seeking Actors for Developmental Residency & Reading of LAYALINA by Martin Yousif Zebari


Seeking Actors for Developmental Residency & Reading of LAYALINA by Martin Yousif Zebari

CATEGORY: Performer

National Queer Theater
New York, NY 10026

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National Queer Theater seeks actors for a developmental residency and reading of Martin Yousif Zebari’s Layalina for the 2021 Criminal Queerness Festival. 

The developmental workshop (April 27-May 2) will be part of a residency at Mt. Tremper Arts Center in Upstate New York. The staged reading will be in New York in the LAST WEEK of JUNE as a part of the Criminal Queerness Festival. Both are in-person with strict COVID-19 testing and safety guidelines. 

This opportunity will be compensated with a $250 stipend, and accommodations, transportation, and meals for the April 27-May 2 residency. NQT has a rigorous COVID-19 safety protocol in place for in-person work including social distancing, PPE, and regular testing for all company members.


LAYAL/MARWA: Iraqi, nonbinary, early 20’s. Familiarity with Arabic is a plus. (Actor should feel comfortable playing both a cis female role and a non-binary AFAB role):
1.) Layal (she/her): Layal has big dreams and very few inhibitions. Nurturing, self-assured, and creative.
2.) Marwa (they/them): non-binary, AFAB, an organizer, and activist. They feel stuck in a familial role they never asked for or agreed to.

YASIR/MAZIN: (he/him), Iraqi, late 30s-early 40s. Speaks Arabic. Loyal and highly protective of their family. They don’t like people to know that they’re having a good time.

KARIMA/LAYAL: (she/her), Iraqi, late 30s-early 40s. Speaks Arabic. Strong, artistic, and ahead of their time. Fashion icons. They’ve sacrificed the most and ready to finally live their fullest lives.

SAHIR/AMIN: (he/him), Iraqi, early 20s. Some basic Arabic.
1.) Sahir: a veteran and a dreamer. He’s the glue of this unusual family and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect it.
2.) Amin: like his older brother, Amin is the consistent pillar of support for those around him.

MAZIN/YOUSIF: (he/him), Iraqi, early 20’s. Some basic Arabic. Dry, outspoken and sensitive. Yousif, an emerging photographer, is everything that his older brother Mazin was never allowed to be. 

Queer and TGNC actors are especially encouraged to apply!

Please send your headshot and resume to


April 27, 2021 - May 2, 2021





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