Saving Henry (A Virtual Reading -- Request for Submissions)

Saving Henry (A Virtual Reading -- Request for Submissions)

CATEGORY: Performer

Ignited Entertainment
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Maxwell Peters

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Ignited Entertainment

Maxwell Peters, Director/Producer
Kaitlyn Gatto, Writer/Director Production Description

Virtual Reading in preparation for a potential short film shoot to take place later this year. Actors selected for this reading will receive priority when short film is cast. The reading will be live-streamed on Facebook.

High school student, Maisy takes a job at the local movie theater to save money for college. Bored by
the mundanity of pouring butter on popcorn for disgruntled movie-goers, Maisy looks forward to all
aspects of college life—meeting men (NOT boys), new friends, parties—but that’s all turned on its
proverbial head when she meets Henry, the smiley soldier home on leave who takes an immediate liking
to seeing movies and Maisy. After a week of the daily playful banter with Henry at the theater, Maisy
begins to look forward to seeing this unusual patron, but he stops showing up.

Until almost 2 years later.

Now a high school graduate with two months before starting college, Maisy still works at the theater.
On a sunny day in June, when the theater is completely empty, a familiar face walks through the French
doors, but he’s not smiling the way Maisy remembers. Henry is back after two years. He’s different,
though. He seems older: weathered and determined. Maisy immediately looks at him as someone who
needs to be fixed, and she’s up to the task. Henry expresses interest in her and she is all in. When
feelings begin to deepen, Maisy asks Henry to leave the army. He says he can’t, and Maisy walks away.
Henry loves Maisy, but Maisy isn’t ready to be loved.

Some love stories don’t have happy endings.


LEAD Early 20s, all ethnicities. MALE. Handsome, rugged, appears older than his age. Home on leave from the army. Soft-spoken, but strong. Knows what he wants, falls in love hard and fast; never hesitates. Forgiving, honest. He keeps his circle small, but opens it up to those who are deserving. A dreamer yet somehow grounded in reality. Plagued by nightmares and has trouble admitting they’re real.
LEAD. 18 - Early 20s, all ethnicities female. 18; recent high school graduate. Getting ready to go off to college and doesn’t want to start a new chapter of her life tied down in a relationship. She is independent, sarcastic, and guarded. She can’taccept love, and almost always turns it into a game. She only dates men when she thinks they’re stray puppies who need rescuing. Deep down, she is wounded, unhealed from her father leaving. She wants love but doesn’t know how to give it. Protective of her own heart and reckless with other’s. Forever self-sabotaging, Maisy has a lot of growing up to do. She is in a constant tug-o-war with keeping her guard up and letting people in. Regardless, she never strays from kindness—even when breaking hearts.  

LEAD. 30 to 40 years old, all ethnicities female. The Adult Maisy is the soundtrack to this project, she is never seen, but definitely heard. She shares the same attributes as the younger version of herself, but has a bit more edge to her. This piece might all take place in her head, we might be reliving a memory.

SUPPORTING. Early 20s, all ethnicities male. 20. Maisy’s friend and manager at the movie theater. Definitely jaded from being turned down by Maisy, but still has her best interest in mind. Joey is jealous and protective, yet kindhearted.

SUPPORTING. Late 40s, all ethnicities female. Late 40s. Maisy's Mother. Allergic to feelings. Wants Maisy to find love so she doesn’t end up like her. Protective of her daughter, but wants her to experience young love to its fullest. She doesn’t approve of Maisy’s “fixing” ways. Insistent that men aren’t projects and a man doesn’t change just because a woman wants him to.

PRINCIPAL. 25 to 35 years old, all ethnicities male or female. A news reporter who delivers some unfortunate news. (one scene)  

PRINCIPAL. 50 to 60 years old, all ethnicities female. Appears briefly on the news mourning the death of her son. (one scene)

PRINCIPAL. 20 to 25 years old, all ethnicities male. Henry's former bunkmate, he is handsome and has the same military look as Henry. He gives Maisy a final gift from Henry. (One Scene)

PRINCIPAL. 18 to 20 years old, all ethnicities female. Maisy's college roommate. (One scene)

  Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Virtual Auditions will be held on 1/16/21 w/ callbacks taking place the following week.
Rehearsal schedule will be based on Actor's availability.
Live-Steam will take place on Saturday 2/27/21 Compensation & Union Contract Details
Deferred PayStipend may be available based on donations

 Key Details Seeking talent:

Nationwide (United States) Additional Instructions:
Please submit resume and reels.

Those selected for a virtual audition will be contacted no later than 1/13
Auditions will be held on Zoom on Saturday 1/16/2021


January 20, 2021 - February 27, 2021




Deferred Based on Donations



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