AD: Online Voice Lessons/Coaching/Tracks/Reel Prep Coronavirus Style

AD: Online Voice Lessons/Coaching/Tracks/Reel Prep Coronavirus Style

CATEGORY: Coaching

The Stephen Purdy Studio
New York, NY 10019


Meghan Allred

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Given the recent events we are opening an online platfom and accepting students nationwide. This is a chance to study with one of New York's most highly regarded voice teachers/vocal coaches at an online discounted rate. Students of The Stephen Purdy Studio have been cast in the Broadway and touring companies of virtually every major Broadway musical for the last 19 years, are performing at countless regional theatres and are singing on concert stages worldwide. Stephen holds a Master’s degree in Vocal Pedagogy from Westminster, is the author of “Musical Theatre Song: A Comprehensive Course” published by Bloomsbury, delivers Master Classes around the globe, is a Broadway pianist and MD and through his close affiliation the major NYC creatives and casting personnel. He is also especially adept with turning dancers into competitive singers.

Take your singing, audition technique and song delivery to the highest levels at affordable rates. Visit our website at for much more information or email Stephen at Phone: (646)361 5402   

You're a great candidate to study with Stephen if:

You need to revisit and ramp up your vocal technique to be and stay competitive   

You are looking to learn to Belt or refine/power it up   

Your book needs fresh material/new cuts to better frame who you “are” and what you can do  

The results of auditions this season not turn out the way you hoped   

You are getting confusing messages about the material you should be singing based on other people’s ideas of your “type”  

You need to prepare a reel/video for sumbissions 

GO TO for more info and to schedule online or in person. Let's Sing!



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