Non-Union Theater Performer - Money Heist, The Experience - New York


Non-Union Theater Performer - Money Heist, The Experience - New York

CATEGORY: Performer

Sabrina Hyman Casting
NY, NY 10001

Job Details


Money Heist: The Experience. A Fever & Netflix Original is an immersive experience in which the actors bring guests into the world of hit Netflix series, Money Heist (aka La Casa de Papel). Performers will interact with ticketed guests as they lead them through a heart-pounding storyline, complex escape rooms, and a money heist scenario. 



- Non-Union Actors/Stunt Performers who are at least 18 years of age

- A flexible schedule is required, as this is a full-time job with varying hours/days of operation. There can be no major schedule conflicts.

-Strong sense of improvisation

-Athletic performers who have stage combat and fight choreography experience.

-Awareness of guest interaction, safety and overall guest experience.

-Stamina for multiple shows per night.

-The ability to help to reset the experience in between tour groups


Brooklyn, NY. All actors must be able to work as a New York local hire. No travel or accommodations provided. 




November 1 - November 30, 2021 (M-F, approx. 9a-6p)



December 1-7, 2021


Show Run:

December 1, 2021 - April 15, 2022

(Shows are currently ticketed into February 2022, but will be extended if the show is selling well)


*Call time will be one hour prior to show start time. Shows are scheduled to run 4-10pm Tue-Fri & 11am-10pm on Sat & Sun


Blackout Show Dates:

-Every Monday



- $25/hour during rehearsals from Nov 1- Nov 30, 2021

- $25/hour during show run with a minimum 30 hours/week



-Please submit headshots/resumes/demo reels by 10/15/2021

-In-Person Callbacks scheduled week of 10/18/21



For the health and safety of all individuals, all cast and crew must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to attending in-person callbacks or beginning work. We will consider reasonable accommodations as required by law for individuals who cannot be vaccinated due to a disability or a sincerely held religious belief, practice or observance.



(All roles can be portrayed by any ethnicity and all genders)


Chicago (21-30)

The Mole. Chicago is young, smart, and very tech-savvy. They are a little smaller in stature, but still athletic. This character poses as a tour guest - a “mole” - and doesn’t reveal his or herself until the group has begun the experience. Chicago is key to the operation due to knowledge of how to retrieve a particular digital code from Shanghai’s computer. Chicago must have strong improvisational skills and be able to blend into a crowd of ticketed guests. The actor must be proficient in fight choreography and comfortable with stage combat. Other tasks include lifting and resetting heavy objects for multiple shows per night.


Simone/Simon (25-35)

Simon(e) is book-smart, slightly nerdy but attractive. They are not very stylish but reasonably put together. Simon(e) works at the venue as its resident historian and knows all its ins and outs. They unknowingly fall in love with heister Reykjavik. Actor should be comfortable lifting medium-sized objects and should have stamina for multiple shows a night. Stage combat experience is a plus.


Reykjavik (25-40)

Reykjavik is handsome and charming but still rugged and rough around the edges. They are being held hostage by Shanghai’s gang inside the venue. Reykjavik knows the plans of the building better than Shanghai, but is withholding information. Reykjavik has conned Simone into an affair, but has secretly fallen in love with them. This character is found locked in a crate after having been beaten and disarmed by his own team. Must be in very good shape and experienced in fight choreography/stage combat with stamina for multiple shows a night. Actor should feel comfortable lifting and resetting heavy objects.


Shanghai (30-50)

Shanghai is a dangerous thief and mastermind - the captain of the heister crew. Looks well-kept, but has a commanding presence, is intimidating in size and has stern facial features. Shanghai is in charge and their crew is fearful of their temper and the power they possess. This role requires strong combat and fight choreography skills, so the actor must feel very comfortable repeating stunts for multiple shows per night. 


Heisters - Warsaw, Odessa, Cairo, Havannah (21-45)

The Rogue Robbers - Shanghai’s team of rogue robbers are more casual in their appearance. They can appear to be a bit “punk” but not in a cool way.  These characters are dangerous and violent. They follow Shanghai’s every order. Their style can be alternative, and they will simultaneously help to reset the experience from group to group. All performers should be comfortable lifting and resetting heavy objects, be trained in fight choreography/stage combat, and have stamina to perform multiple shows throughout the evening, while completing other tasks at-hand and taking care of ticketed guests.



November 1, 2021 - April 15, 2022





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