New Repertory Theatre 2020-21 Season - ZOOM and Video Audition Submission Request (Deadline 04.08.20)

New Repertory Theatre 2020-21 Season - ZOOM and Video Audition Submission Request (Deadline 04.08.20)

CATEGORY: Performer

New Repertory Theatre Inc.
Watertown, MA

Job Details



Cat. 6; $503/week min

Artistic Director: Michael J. Bobbitt


All SM and ASM positions have been filled.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, New Rep has decided to go virtual for all first-round auditions.

Equity actors and actor/singers for various roles in the upcoming season. Actors may audition via ZOOM Auditions on Tuesday April 7th OR submit a Video Audition. See full details in breakdown for each audition.

New Rep actively seeks diversity, equity and inclusivity because we know that all people are vital and that their stories are our stories. Actors of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, and actors with disabilities are strongly encouraged to audition


* Denotes the roles have been cast; auditioning performers may be considered as possible replacements, should any become necessary.


by Tony Kushner
Director: Megan Sandberg-Zakian
1st rehearsal: August 18, 2020
Runs: September 13 – October 18, 2020
Wed – Sun with matinees and evening shows at the Mosesian Center for the Arts in the MainStage Theater in Watertown, MA, accessible by major routes and the #70 bus.

ROY M. COHN/PRIOR 2: Male, 50-69. Jewish. Influential and successful New York lawyer and powerbroker. Extremely smart, cunning, tremendously vicious. / Male. Ghost of a dead Prior Walter from the 17th century. Londoner, sophisticated, with a High British accent.

JOSEPH PORTER PITT/PRIOR 1/THE ESKIMO: Male, 25-35. Mormon. Married to Harper. Clean cut, Republican lawyer. Deeply closeted. / Male. Ghost of a dead Prior Walter from the 13th century. Blunt, gloomy medieval farmer with a guttural Yorkshire accent.

HARPER AMATRY PITT/MARTIN HELLER: Female, 25-35. Mormon. Joe’s wife. Agoraphobic with a Valium addiction. Perpetually fearful, hallucinates and invents imaginary characters to cope with her failing marriage. / Male. Reagan Administration Justice Department flack man.

PRIOR WALTER/THE MAN IN THE PARK: Male, 25-35. Louis’s boyfriend. Works as a club designer/caterer but lives off of a trust fund. Extremely charismatic, bitingly witty. Frail, intense, vulnerable.

LOUIS IRONSON: Male, 25-35. Jewish. Works as a court clerk in Brooklyn. Incredibly intelligent, neurotic, anxious. Full of self-loathing and guilt.

HANNAH PORTER PITT/RABBI ISIDOR CHEMELWITZ/HENRY/ETHEL ROSENBERG: Female, 45- 60. Mormon. Joe’s mother. Currently resides in Salt Lake City, living off of her deceased husband’s army pension. / Male. Orthodox Jewish rabbi. / Male. Roy’s doctor. / Female. American citizen who was convicted of being a Soviet spy by Roy Cohn.

BELIZE/MR. LIES: African-American, male, 25-35. Registered nurse and former drag queen. Prior’s best friend and Roy’s caretaker. Compassionate, bitingly smart and extremely stylish. / Male. Harper’s imaginary friend. Travel agent, who in dress and speech suggests a jazz musician.

THE ANGEL/EMILY/SISTER ELLA CHAPTER/THE WOMAN IN THE S. BRONX: Any race and any gender. Divine presence who descends from Heaven to bestow prophecy on Prior. A force to be reckoned with, they are powerful, full of intensity – but with a sense of humor. / Female. Nurse. / Female. Salt Lake City real-estate saleswoman.


by William Finn and Rachel Sheinkin
Director: Michael J. Bobbitt
1st rehearsal: October 27, 2020
Runs: November 29, 2020 – January 3, 2021

Wed – Sun with matinees and evening shows at the Mosesian Center for the Arts in the MainStage Theater in Watertown, MA, accessible by major routes and the #70 bus.

CHIP TOLENTINO: Male. Athletic, social, boy scout. Champion of the Twenty-Fourth Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Returns to defend his title. C4 – B5.

LOGAINNE SCHWARTZANDGRUENIERRE (SCHWARTZY): Female. Youngest, most politically aware speller. Driven by internal and external pressure, but ultimately desires to make her fathers proud. Somewhat of a neat freak. Speaks with a lisp. A3 – F5.

LEAF CONEYBEAR/DAN DAD/JESUS CHRIST: Male. Second runner-up in his district. Home- schooled, comes from large family of former hippies. Spells words correctly while in a trance. A3 – A5. / Any race, male. The more laid back and ineffectual of Schwarzy's fathers. G3 – D5. / Any race. Deity invoked by a speller in need.

WILLIAM BARFEE: Male. Former Putnam County Spelling Bee finalist. Eliminated because of allergic reaction to peanuts. Touchy, bullying personality. Develops crush on Olive. E4 – B5.

MARCY PARK: POC, female. Recent transfer from Virginia, placed ninth in last year’s nationals. Poster child for the Over-Achiever. Attends Catholic school called “Our Lady of Intermittent Sorrows”. Not allowed to cry. C4 – E5.

OLIVE OSTROVSKY: Female. Young newcomer. Any race. Makes friends with dictionary at a very young age. Enormously shy, shyly blossoms. B3 – F5.

RONA LISA PERETTI/OLIVE MOM: Female. Number-one realtor in Putnam County. Former Putnam County Spelling Bee Champion, now moderator. Sweet woman, loves children. Stern with Vice Principal Panch and his feelings for her. Unflagging and determined interest in the competition. B3 – F5. / Female. A fantasy version of Olive's mom at her Ashram in India. D4 – E5.

DOUGLAS PANCH: Male. Vice Principal. Frustrated with life. Finds the drive of the spellers alien. Claims to be in a better place now after an incident at the Twentieth Annual Bee. Infatuated with Rona Lisa Peretti.

*MITCH MAHONEY/OLIVE DAD/CARL DAD: Male. Official Comfort Counselor. Ex-convict. Performing community service with the Bee. No idea how to offer comfort. Wishes to find a way to make the kids feel better. E4 – A5. / Male. A fantasy version of Olive’s dad coming to the bee from work. E4 – B5. / Any race, male. Schwarzy’s main trainer. The more intense and competitive of Schwarzy’s fathers. G3 – D5.

by Aaron Posner
Director: Dmitry Troyanovsky
1st rehearsal: January 5, 2021
Runs: January 31 – February 28, 2021

Possible extension week December 23, 2019 – December 29, 2019.
Wed.–Sun with matinees and evening shows at the Mosesian Center for the Arts in the MainStage Theater in Watertown, MA, accessible by major routes and the #70 bus.

CON: Male, 20-30. Fierce and fiery young author, poet, performance creator. In love with Nina.

EMMA: Female, 40-50. Con's mother. A famous actress of stage and screen.

TRIG: Male, 30-55. Famous author. Strong presence. Emma's lover.

NINA: Female, 20-29. Aspiring actress. Emma and Conrad's neighbor. Beloved of Con. Vulnerable and naïve.

DEV: Male, 20-35. Down to earth. Con's best childhood friend. One of the guys. Totally in love with Mash.

SORN: Male, 50-69. Close family friend of Emma and Con.

MASH: Female, 20-29. Con's cousin. In love with Con.


by George C. Wolfe and Susan Birkenhead
Director: Dawn Simmons
1st rehearsal: March 2, 2021
Runs: March 28 – April 25, 2021

Wed.–Sun with matinees and evening shows at the Mosesian Center for the Arts in the MainStage

Theater in Watertown, MA, accessible by major routes and the #70 bus.

*JELLY ROLL MORTON: African American, male. Self-proclaimed inventor of jazz. Laid-back lost soul. Charming and cutthroat, vulnerable and bullying. Full of bravado, yet often filled with a sense of shame.

CHIMNEY MAN: African American, male. Ageless, elegant, otherworldly. Commanding, no-nonsense guide who leads Jelly Roll Morton throughout the highlights of his life on the night of his death.

YOUNG JELLY: African American, male. As rakishly charming as his older self. Innocence and eagerness of the prodigy in his discovery of black blues.

JACK THE BEAR: African American, male. Dark-skinned, with an easy-going Southern charm. Dignified, warmhearted. Supportive but abused traveling partner of Jelly.

ANITA: African American, female. Young, beautiful, voluptuously sexy. Formidable woman. More than a match for Jelly, emotionally and intellectually.

MISS MAMIE: African American, female. The vibrant mother substitute young Jelly finds in Storyville. HUNNIE: African American, female. Chorus girl. Ethereal and low. Statuesque.

GRAN MIMI: African American, female. Haughty Creole grandmother who banishes young Jelly from home. Menacing.

BUDDY BOLDEN: African American. male. Legendary cornetist who plays notes only black folks in heaven can hear.

FOOT-IN-YO-ASS-SAM: African American, male. Large man. Strong, threatening.
TOO-TIGHT NORA: African American, female. Threatening. Rough type, part of the Uptown Crowd.

MELROSE BROTHER: African American, male. Fast-talking, fast-dancing, ex-vaudevillians turned music publishers.

THREE FINGER JAKE: African American, male. Rough Type, part of the Uptown Crowd.


by John Patrick Shanley
Director: Adam Kassim
1st rehearsal: April 8, 2021
Runs: May 2 – June 6, 2021

Wed.–Sun with matinees and evening shows, at the Mosesian Center for the Arts in the MainStage in Watertown, MA, accessible by major routes and the #70 bus.

*SISTER ALOYSIUS BEAUVIER: Female, 50-69. Head nun and principal of St. Nicholas School. Driven by a high sense of duty. Rigid and conservative.

*FATHER BRENDAN FLYNN: Male, late thirties. Middle-aged priest. Articulate and personable. SISTER JAMES: Female, 20-29. Young, impressionable nun. Enthusiastic but inexperienced teacher. MRS. MULLER: African-American Female, 30-39. Mother of Donald Muller.



Equity Auditions via Live Video (using Zoom platform):

Singing and Non-Singing
Tuesday, April 7
9:00am – 7:00pm
(There will be a 10 minute break at the end of each hour. Lunch break from 1-2pm.)

Please use this sign up link HERE to reserve your Zoom audition slot:

Equity appointments are scheduled in five-minute intervals and each Equity Member has three minutes to audition. This time limit includes your slate (your name, name of play/musical and character of the piece/s you will be performing). When your audition starts, please slate and then immediately begin your pieces.

When you sign up for your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link. Please follow this link at least two minutes before your designated audition time. When you first join the video conference you will be placed in the “Waiting Room” until the casting team is ready to let you in to the “Audition Room”. Please use your time in the “Waiting Room” to make sure your audio and video is working. Please also use this time to make sure that your video captures at least 3⁄4 of your full body (so top of head through at least your knees).

Please email your headshot and resume (in JPG/PNG and PDF formats, respectively) to at least 24 hours before your scheduled audition time.


Equity Principal Auditions via Recorded Video Submission:

If you are unable to join us for a live virtual audition, we are also accepting recorded video submissions through April 8, 2020.

Please limit your video submission to 3 minutes maximum. This time limit includes your slate (your name, name of play/musical and character of the piece/s you will be performing).

Please upload your video audition to Youtube, Vimeo or similar a video sharing site and provide a link for viewing. Please do not share via WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud or other file sharing platform.

Please send any video submissions directly to Sarah Morrisette at, along with your headshot and resume in JPG/PNG and PDF formats, respectively.

Material for both Zoom Audition and Recorded Video Submission:
Please prepare material of your choice (including, if you wish, selections from the season’s repertoire).

Please note that New Rep will not provide a reader or accompaniment for Zoom auditions. For those who wish to sing, please provide your own accompanist or taped recording. For those who wish to perform a scene or sides, please provide your own reader.


Actors may sign up EITHER for ZOOM Auditions on Tuesday April 7th, OR may submit a Video Audition. If submitting a Video Audition, deadline for submissions is April 8.

Deadline: 04/08/2020