Nashville Repertory Theatre 2020-21 SPT Season - Video Submission Request (Deadline 04.13.20)

Nashville Repertory Theatre 2020-21 SPT Season - Video Submission Request (Deadline 04.13.20)

CATEGORY: Performer

Nashville Repertory Theatre
Nashville, TN

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weekly min. is currently $546.00.

Drew Ogle, Interim Artistic Director, Erica Jo Lloyd, Artistic
Associate, Lauren Shouse, Director, Alicia Haymer, Director

At this time, callbacks are scheduled for April 13-26. We are evaluating all options up to and including postponing or video conferencing. This will be decided in line with CDC recommendations in place at that time.

IF AUDITIONING ONLY FOR NON-MUSICAL SHOWS: Please prepare 2 contrasting monologues
together totaling no more than three (3) minutes.
1 or 2 monologues and up to 32 bars of a song, together totaling no more than three (3) minutes.
Songs may be accompanied in any manner of your choosing or sung a cappella.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Video Submissions from adult Equity actors and actor/singers for the upcoming season. See breakdown. Local actors particularly encouraged to submit. No dancing will be required for this audition, however dancing may be required at callbacks.

Equity Stage Managers are not being sought at this time, however stage managers may
send resumes to


Roles available for Nashville Repertory Theatre 2020-21 Season

All performances in either the Johnson Theatre or the Polk Theatre, Tennessee Performing Arts Center.

Next to Normal
Music by Tom Kitt, Book and Lyrics by Brian Yorkey, Johnson Theatre, Director TBA, Music Director
Randy Craft, Choreographer, TBA
Rehearsals: Aug 17 - Sept 11, Previews Sept 10 & 11, Runs Sept 12 - 27, 2020.
Anticipating 5 AEA contracts to be cast among available roles.

Seeking actors of all races/ethnicities to audition for all roles.

Diana - Delusional, bipolar, and depressed. The sexiness of her yesterdays has only recently begun to soften. She is determined to make her family perfect but is tortured by a death in the family.

Dan - Diana's husband. He is handsome and genuine. Though a constant in Diana's tumultuous life, he has grown tired and weary of her antics.

Natalie - Diana & Dan's troubled daughter. An accomplished pianist and hardworking student, her struggles are exacerbated by her mother's behavior. She greatly admires Henry.

Gabe - Diana & Dan's son. Dashing, athletic, and bright. He is a playful man and everything a mother could imagine.

Henry - Natalie's classmate. The all-around musician, philosopher, and slacker. He has an intoxicating capacity for sympathy and romance.

Dr. Madden - Diana's handsome psychiatrist. Quite assured in his practice and considered somewhat of a rock star.


August Wilson’s Fences
by August Wilson, Johnson Theatre, Director TBA
Rehearsals: Sept 21 - Oct 16, Previews Oct 15 & 16, Runs Oct 17 - Nov 1, 2020. Anticipating 5 AEA contracts to be cast among available roles.

Troy Maxson

Jim Bono - Troy's friend

Rose - Troy's wife

Lyons - Troy's oldest son by previous marriage

Gabriel - Troy's brother

Cory - Troy and Rose's son

Raynell - Troy's daughter


Elf the Musical
book by Thomas Meehan and Bob Martin, Music by Matthew Sklar, Lyrics by Chad Beguelin, Johnson Theatre, Director TBA, Music Director TBA, Choreographer, TBA
Rehearsals: Nov 2 - Nov 27, Previews Nov 27, Runs Nov 28 - Dec 27, 2020.
Anticipating 5 AEA contracts to be cast among available roles

Seeking actors of all races/ethnicities to audition for all roles.

Buddy - Born a human but raised at the North Pole as a Christmas Elf, Buddy is eager to find his place in the world. He is a child at heart and that child-like curiosity makes him both endearing and gets him into trouble.

Jovie - Buddy's girlfriend. She works at Macy's and has a bit of a cynical outlook on life and love because of the men she's dated. She is caught off guard by Buddy's genuinely big heart.

Walter - Buddy's workaholic father. He is a Children's book writer, but lacks any of the childlike spirit that Buddy has. He is selfish, tense, and generally angry with life.

Emily - Walter's wife. Though she is sweet and willing to take him in, she thinks Buddy is crazy at first. Wishes her husband would spend more time with the family.

Michael - Buddy's stepbrother who is excited to have a new friend and brother. Unlike his mother, he doesn't take much convincing to have Christmas spirit, but like his mother, he wishes his father would spend more time with the family.

Deb - Walter's secretary. Takes an instant liking to Buddy simply for the novelty of it. Though she aims to please and is a bit of a suck-up, she feels under appreciated.

Manager - A heavy-set manager at Macy's. He is a good, friendly guy just trying to do his job and get by.

Greenway - Walter's boss. He is what Walter will become if he continues down the path he is on. A tyrannical, workaholic who cares nothing about the people around him or who work for him.

Santa - Just another workingman. Loves his job and Christmas, but also likes to kick-back and watch the game when a rare opportunity arises. A natural storyteller.

Chadwick - One of Walter's right-hand men. He is desperate to keep his job, and perhaps the dumber of the two.

Matthews - One of Walter's right-hand men. He is desperate to keep his job and is the schemer of the two.

Ensemble of 8 (4 women, 4 men) to play Mrs. Claus, Elves, Charlie, Tiara, Mr. Narwhal, Teenager, Employees, Security Guard 1&2, Customer 1&2, Saleswoman, Store Elf 1&2, Fake Santa 1&2&3, Boy, Mother, Policeman 1&2, Sarah, Jim, Vendor, Waitress, Charlotte, Man, Woman


School Girls; or, The African Mean Girls Play
by Jocelyn Bioh, Johnson Theatre, Director Alicia Haymer Rehearsals: Jan 11 - Feb 5, Previews Feb 5, Runs Feb 6 - 21, 2021. Anticipating 5 AEA contracts to be cast among available roles.

Paulina Sarpong – 18 years old, the most popular girl in school and knows it. Ericka Boafo – 18 years old, she is enchanting, sweet, elusive.

Ama –18 years old, the sensible, smart one of Paulina’s pack and has the honor of being her best friend.

Nana – 16 years old, the quiet, simple, sensitive one of Paulina’s pack.

Mercy – 16 years old, the witty sidekick to Gifty

Gifty – 16 years old, loves being part of Paulina’s pack and will do anything to be considered cool

Headmistress Francis – 40s, loves her students and will do whatever she can to both uplift and protect them

Eloise Amponsah – 40s, extremely poised and well-mannered former Miss Ghana 1966. She is now a recruiter for the Miss Ghana pageant. She speaks with a slightly affected British accent and prides herself in always being a lady.


Primary User
by Nate Eppler, Johnson Theatre, Director Lauren Shouse
Rehearsals: Jan 11 - Feb 4, Previews Feb 4, Runs Feb 6 - 21, 2021.
Anticipating 5 AEA contracts to be cast among available roles

Seeking actors of all races/ethnicities to audition for all roles.

MIA, a research engineer who specializes in machine learning. She’s smarter than you. (30s)

OZ, MIA’s business partner. They’ve been friends since the first day of undergrad. (30s)

LIZ, OZ’s fiancé. She was sort of a mess even before this. (30s)

RUTHIE, OZ’s mother. She used to be an actress and you can tell. She wasn’t in anything you’ve heard of. (50s)

MR. JANGLY BONES, a character from an old Halloween record.
OZEE, a digital assistant and voice activated speaker. OZEE is voiced by OZ, MR. JANGLY

BONES and a young boy.


Book by Terrence McNally, Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens, Music by Stephen Flaherty, Polk Theatre, Director TBA, Music Director TBA, Choreographer, TBA
Rehearsals: Mar 1 - 26, Previews Mar 26, Runs Mar 27 - April 4, 2021.
Anticipating 5 AEA contracts to be cast among available roles.

Booker T Washington - Incredibly intelligent social activist. He is an eloquent and articulate gentleman with no patience for Black Americans leading less than exemplary lives.

Coalhouse Walker Jr - A proud and talented pianist. He is sophisticated, with a romantic demeanor and gentle heart though an intimidating build. African-American.

Emma Goldman - Social activist. With an unapologetically demanding presence, she is a leader and powerful woman.

Evelyn Nesbit - Beautiful vaudeville performer. Thrust into the limelight after the high profile murder of her lover, the entire world is her stage.

Father - Mother's professionally successful husband. Fancying himself an amateur explorer, he is commanding and attractive. Enjoys being the family breadwinner.

Grandfather - Mother's very conservative father. He is a retired professor and easily irritated by nearly everything.

Harry Houdini - The famous magician. With dark features and notable physical ability, he stands as a symbol of the 'American Dream.' Hungarian-American.

Little Boy - Mother and Father's son. He is open-hearted and curious with inexplicable clairvoyance. Never passes judgement on others.

Little Girl - Tateh's daughter. A confused and vulnerable child in a brand-new home, she is guarded and shy. Loves her father very much. Latvian-American.

Mother - The consummate wife and mother. A kind woman with incredible moral fiber. Refined, intelligent, and graceful. She is accepting of others.

Sarah - Washwoman. Sarah is beautiful and filled with a strong will to live fueled by an innocent spirit. Falls deeply in love with Coalhouse after much resistance. African-American.

Tateh - The haggard artist and father. He wears the trials and tribulations of his past on his sleeve, but remains optimistic. Full of genuine drive and heart. Latvian-American.

Younger Brother - Mother's younger brother. With his wiry frame and obsessive personality, he is an erratic soul. Influenced greatly by Goldman's teachings.

Ensemble of 10, (5 women, 5 men) to play Baseball Fans; Coalhouse Supporters; Firemen; Harlem Citizens, Immigrants To America; New Rochelle Citizens; Reporters; Vacationers

Full and fair casting consideration will be given to ethnic minorities, women, seniors, and actors with disabilities. Performers of all races and ethnicities are encouraged to audition.

In the event that you are unable to create your own video audition, please email for assistance. We hope to create a barrier-free audition experience.

For more info go to Audition submission deadline will be 11:59pm on April 13th. Extended video submission deadline to accommodate the change to the audition format.

Please call (615) 349-3217 with audition questions or visit Nashville Repertory Theatre’s website audition page to fill out an audition request form ( auditions ): —If leaving a voicemail message be sure to mention the best time to call you back and make arrangements to submit your video audition. Our offices are closed at this time and voicemail response will be slow. —If making an online submission, be sure to fill out the form completely.

Deadline: 04/13/2020