City Spring Theatre Company 2024-25 Season - Sandy Springs, GA EPA (05.28.24 - 05.29.24) | Playbill

City Spring Theatre Company 2024-25 Season - Sandy Springs, GA EPA (05.28.24 - 05.29.24)

CATEGORY: Performer

City Springs Theatre Company
Sandy Springs, GA

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$619 weekly minimum (Ref. to LORT) - 2023-24 rates, new rates pending negotiations.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM (E)
Lunch 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Wednesday, May 29, 2024
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM (E)
Lunch 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

To schedule an audition appointment please go to: .

City Springs Theatre Company Studios
8601 Dunwoody Place, Ste 136
Sandy Springs, GA 30350

Free Parking

Expected to attend:
Artistic Director - Shuler Hensley
Executive Director - Natalie DeLancey
Artistic & Casting Associate - Jalise Wilson

See breakdown for production specific dates.


An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.

Equity actors for roles in City Spring Theatre Company's 2024-25 Season (See breakdown).

Please prepare a short song selection in the style of show of your choice. An accompanist will be provided. Proof of membership is required when you arrive for your appointment. Also, please bring a hard copy of your headshot and resume stapled front to back.


City Spring Theatre Company 2024-25 Season

1st Rehearsal 8.12.24
Opening 9.6.24
Closing 9.22.23

Harold Hill (Baritone) - A con artist and drifter. He travels from town to town posing as a music man and convincing the locals that they should pay him money to fund a community youth band. He is a charmer capable of talking himself into and out of almost anything.

Marian Paroo (Soprano) - River City’s librarian and piano teacher. She has a reputation for being no nonsense and hard to approach. We discover that this is just a facade developed to protect her against the rumors started by the townspeople. She lives with her mother and younger brother.

Marcellus Washburn (Tenor) - An old friend and former partner of Harold Hill. Marcellus is trying to go on the straight and narrow for his girlfriend Ethel’s sake. He inevitably gets tangled up in Harold’s scheme.

Mayor Shinn - The mayor of River City and the owner of the town’s pool hall. He is self-important, blustery, and not very bright. He loves his wife and is overly protective of his daughter.

Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn (Alto) - The mayor’s wife who works to keep him in line. She is a socialite and knows everyone in town. She is also a member of every club and auxiliary organization in town. Somewhat snooty and self-important.

Zaneeta Shinn - The mayor’s oldest daughter. She is in love with Tommy Djilas, the town bad boy. Through the pursuit of this love she learns to stand up for herself.

Gracie Shinn - The mayor’s youngest daughter. She is a tomboy.

Tommy Djilas - A teenager from the bad side of town. Starts the show as a bit of a troublemaker, but with Harold’s help starts to turn his life to win over Zaneeta.

Mrs. Paroo (Soprano) - The cheerful Irish widowed mother of Marian and Winthrop. Her first concern is always her children’s wellbeing.

Winthrop Paroo (Alto) - Marian’s younger brother. He is quiet and shy at the start of the show. Gains confidence through his interactions with Harold and eventually becomes a bit of a chatterbox.

Amaryllis (Alto) - A young girl that takes piano lessons from Marion. She has a crush on Winthrop.

Ewart Dunlop (Second Tenor) - Owner of the general store and bickering businessman. Married to Maud. Member of the School Board Quartet.

Maud Dunlop - Ewart’s wife and one of Eulalie’s gossipy friends.

Oliver Hix (Baritone) - Banker and bickering businessman. Married to Alma. Traveling Salesman. Member of the School Board Quartet.

Alma Hix - Oliver’s wife and one of Eulalie’s gossipy friends.

Jacey Squires (High Tenor) - Owner of the livery stables and bickering businessman. Traveling Salesman. Member of the School Board Quartet.

Mrs. Squires – Wife to Jacey Squires and one of Eulalie’s gossipy friends.

Olin Britt (Bass) - Editor of the Gazette and bickering businessman. Member of the School Board Quartet.

Ethel Toffelmeir - Jolly and friendly, she plays the player piano. Marcellus’ girlfriend and one of Eulalie’s gossipy friends.

Charlie Cowell - A rival of Harold Hill out to destroy his reputation and make himself look like a hero.

Constable Locke - River City’s Sheriff

Ensemble - Traveling Salesmen (3), Conductor (1), Newspaper Readers, Townspeople, River City Kids

Disney's FROZEN
1st Rehearsal 11.18.24
Opening 12.13.24
Closing 12.29.24

Anna - Filled with a tremendous amount of light, energy, and love. She is an optimistic extrovert. As she grows older, she longs for connection with others, especially her sister, Elsa. She is warm and determined. Songs: For the First Time in Forever, Love is an Open Door, For the First Time in Forever – Reprise, Colder by the Minute, Finale – Part 1 & 2

Elsa - Next in line for the throne, Elsa has been born with magical powers that can overwhelm her when she becomes afraid, and harm others if not handled with care. Fearful of hurting anyone, especially her beloved sister, Anna, Elsa becomes anxious and withdrawn as she grows older, before eventually learning to take control of, and become confident in her powers. Songs: For the First Time in Forever, Dangerous to Dream, Let It Go, For the First Time in Forever – Reprise, Colder by the Minute, Finale - Part 1 & 2

Kristoff - Hardworking ice harvester with a sarcastic veneer and a rough-around-the-edges exterior that hides a big heart. Taken in by the Hidden Folk when he was young, he loves Pabbie and Bulda dearly, but is a bit of a loner with a reindeer for a best friend - until he meets Anna. Songs: Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People, Kristoff's Lullaby, Colder by the Minute

Hans - An ambitious Prince of the Southern Isles and overlooked thirteenth son of a king. He constantly strives to find a way to make good and stand out, boasting an exceedingly charming facade that fools everyone into believing he's Prince Charming, when really, he's just a jerk. Songs: Love Is An Open Door, Colder by the Minute

Olaf - The magical snowman created by Anna and Elsa when they were young, Olaf is endearingly delighted by everything - especially the idea of summer. Goofy and sweet, Olaf should possess a childlike innocence. Songs: In Summer

Sven – Reindeer of few words and loyal to Kristoff.

Young Anna - Songs: Let the Sun Shine On, A Little Bit of You, Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Young Elsa - Songs: Let the Sun Shine On, A Little Bit of You, Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Duke of Weselton - A visiting duke who possesses a huge inferiority complex. A bombastic, overbearing man, Weselton's sole purpose is to hobnob with influencers and royalty.

Pabbie & Bulda - Mystical leaders of the Hidden Folk. Song: Fixer Upper

Oaken - An exceedingly cheerful salesperson and ardent devotee to all things cozy and comfortable. Song: Hygge

King Agnarr & Queen Iduna - Parents of Elsa and Anna.

Bishop - officiates the coronation and passing of the crown to Elsa. This spiritual supervisor must communicate to the Townspeople of Arendelle in a serious and formal manner.

1st Rehearsal 2.17.25
Opening 3.14.2025
Closing 3.30.25

Coalhouse Walker, Jr: A proud and talented pianist, confident and stubborn. Sophisticated with a romantic demeanor and a gentle heart. Able to move. Piano playing helpful but not essential. Male, 25-35 Ethnicity: African Descent, African American

Sarah: A washwoman, filled with a strong will to live fueled by an innocent spirit, falls deeply in love with Coalhouse after much resistance. Female, 20-30 Ethnicity: African Descent, African American

Mother: The consummate wife and mother, a kind woman who is gentle, compassionate, optimistic, and accepting of others. Female, 30-40 Ethnicity: Caucasian

Father: Mother's professionally successful husband, cautious, resistant to change, fancies himself an amateur explorer. Male, 35-50 Ethnicity: Caucasian

Younger Brother: A passionate anarchist, he is intense, obsessive, and high strung, influenced by Emma Goldman's teachings. Male, 25-35 Ethnicity: Caucasian

Tateh: An immigrant, intelligent, passionate, and creative artist. Full of drive and heart. Wears the trials and tribulations of his past on his sleeve. Male, 30-40 Ethnicity: Eastern European / Jewish / Latvian-American

Sarah's Friend / Featured Ensemble: Passionate, soulful, sings the gospel number for Sarah's funeral Female, any age Ethnicity: African Descent, African American

Emma Goldman / Featured Ensemble: Eastern European / Jewish immigrant, anarchist Female 35-60 Ethnicity: Caucasian

Harry Houdini / Featured Ensemble: Hungarian immigrant, internationally famous magician Male, 30-40 Ethnicity: Caucasian

Evelyn Nesbit / Featured Ensemble: Vaudevillian performer, the “Marylin Monroe of her time.” Female, 20-30 Ethnicity: Caucasian

Willie Conklin / Featured Ensemble: Irish-American fire chief who is racist and takes out his anger on Coalhouse. Male, 30-45 Ethnicity: Caucasian

Little Boy: An earnest boy who has grown up in privilege. Open hearted to people that are different from him and has the precocious innocence of youth. Male, 10-12 years old Ethnicity: Caucasian

Little Girl: Tateh's daughter. Her arrival in America is marked by sickness and hunger. She is scared of her new surroundings and loyal to her father, her only living relative. Female, 10-12 years old

Ethnicity: Eastern European / Jewish / Latvian-American

Young Coalhouse Jr: Innocent and pure. Son of Coalhouse and Sarah. This role appears briefly at the end of the play and has no lines or songs Male, 4-6yo Ethnicity: African descent, African-American

Additional Adult and Youth Ensemble to play various roles.

1st Rehearsal 4.7.25
Opening 5.2.25
Closing 5.18.25

CAROLE KING (Character ages 16-29) An aspiring singer/songwriter. A unique, appealing, funny and vulnerable girl from a Jewish family in Brooklyn. Talented, good natured, unassuming and often the peace maker in difficult situations. A reluctant star with no pretense and a passion for music. Seeking an exceptional actress with a powerful, distinctive voice. Piano skills preferred but not required.

GERRY GOFFIN (Character ages late teens-late 20s) Carole’s boyfriend, songwriting partner and eventual husband. He is smoldering, dark & handsome with a rebel vibe. Although sexy, he is innately sympathetic, wounded and tortured. An ambitious artist always striving for more. Sings well. Baritone/tenor.

CYNTHIA WEIL (Character ages late teens-late 20s) A songwriter who becomes romantically involved with Barry. Carole’s best friend. She is sophisticated, smart & chic with a quick wit. Although selfconfident and sarcastic, she is also extremely likeable. Strong comic timing who sings extremely well. Belt.

BARRY MANN (Character ages late teens-late 20s) A songwriter who becomes romantically involved with Cynthia. He is good natured, appealing & neurotic. Ambitious, but likeable. Strong comedic timing with a great voice. A strong high tenor comfortable with pop & rock style singing.

DON KIRSCHNER (30s-40s) An influential music publisher and producer. He is a fast talking, energetic force of nature. Powerful, direct & sometimes intimidating, but he has a real affinity for his writers and artists. A hit maker. Non singing role.

GENIE KLEIN (40s-50s) Carole’s Jewish mother. Once an aspiring playwright, she has been broken down by life & her husband’s infidelity. Protective of Carole and unforgiving of her husband’s mistakes. Non singing role.

NEIL SEDAKA/RIGHTEOUS BROTHER/ENSEMBLE (20s-30s) Caucasian, a singer songwriter. Tenor.
NICK/RIGHTEOUS BROTHER/ENSEMBLE (20s-30s) Caucasian, a singer songwriter.
LOU ADLER/ENSEMBLE (20s-30s) Caucasian, a record producer
BOBBY VEE/ENSEMBLE (20s) Caucasian, A singer
BETTY/ENSEMBLE (20s) Carole’s childhood friend
4 DRIFTERS/ENSEMBLE (20s-30s) Black, Members of the doo-wop group The Drifters
SHIRELLES #1/UPTOWN SOLOIST/ENSEMBLE (20-30s) Black, Member of the pop group The Shirelles
SHIRELLE #2/LUCILLE (20s-30s) Black, Member of the pop group The Shirelles, Don Kirshner’s secretary
SHIRELLE #3/JANELLE WOODS (20s-30s) Black, Member of the pop group The Shirelles
SHIRELLE #4/LITTLE EVA (16-Late 20s) Black, Member of the pop group The Shirelles, Pop Singer of Locomotion


LOA $619 weekly minimum (Ref. to LORT) - 2023- 24 rates, new rates pending negotiations.




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