AD: Zoom Class for Children (8-13)

AD: Zoom Class for Children (8-13)

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Cecelia Bonner
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Cecelia Bonner

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This course is specifically designed for all aspiring actors ages 8-13 during this time of quarantine. Inspired by my training at The William Esper Studio in New York City, I have developed a course that will cover everything: basic warmups, monologues, partnered scene-work, script work, and auditioning. This course will be based in joy and communal discovery, so grab a few friends and let’s set up a Zoom meeting! All you will need is YOURSELF and a Journal!

Social interaction is so important, and these days it is a little bit harder to come by…

For this reason, this class is specifically designed for you and 1-3 additional friends.

Sometimes the most exciting discoveries come from WATCHING other actor’s work. Similarly, acting is about RESPONDING and so this is also a wonderful opportunity to have a friend as your scene partner.

If you would like to work just with me, I would love to act with you! Please contact me for individual inquiries and rates.

The Class Structure: 1h

Class will start with a Warmup!

From there, we will begin work on Monologues. (You will be given a piece, personally selected to fit your strengths)

Then, we will read a scene from a professionally published TELEVISION/FILM Script! We will breakdown the scenes structure and begin scene work, experimenting with your ideas about how the scene should be performed.

Finally, we will watch the clip of the scene we have read!

**I will send a follow-up email with notes from our class and the pdf. of the professional script that will be yours to keep!

Each week, The Class Structure will shift and advance to fit each individual group of actors.

For more information, and registration, please visit:


August 1, 2020 - December 20, 2020