AD: Seeking Participants For Camera Gravity 101 - A Film Fundamentals Workshop


AD: Seeking Participants For Camera Gravity 101 - A Film Fundamentals Workshop

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Camera Gravity
New York, NY 10019


Kelsey or James

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With James Jelkin, Richard Mourant & Kelsey Mourant


2 Part - Virtual Class and Practical Lab

Virtual Class                                             Practical Lab

Sept 21st                                                   Sept  23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th & 27th (Choose 1 day)

Zoom                                                        Central Park, NYC


Price: $500 


Receive scene side 1 week prior to Practical Lab. No prep necessary besides memorizing your scene - but be ready to focus and work for the 4 hour Lab.


Designed originally for actors transitioning from theatre to film, Camera Gravity is a two part workshop that teaches the ‘playground rules’ for successfully working with Film as a medium. Participants will first attend a 1.5 hour zoom class where they will learn the practical aspects of working on camera: Framing, set terminology, light, finding your mark, all the various reasons a director may yell “CUT” (that often have nothing to do with the actor’s performance) and how to best utilize that information as feedback for their acting. Students THEN get to put their knowledge into practical action in the 4 hour, in-person Lab, where they are cast in a two minute scene, stepped through the practical filming of a “shot list”, and given room to make and learn from their mistakes. Watch real-time playback of the scene you just filmed. Practice what you do on set before stepping foot on a production. Receive beautifully shot and edited professional footage for your own personal use (your scene). Our aim is to have actors feeling prepared to step on set and feel comfortable handling the variables possible and finishing the job. 



Each participant will receive:


  • Virtual Class: Learn the “playground rules” of working with Film/Television (1.5 hours)

  • Practical Lab: Full “On Set” experience where we give you room to make mistakes (4 hours)

  • Footage: Two minute professional filmed & edited scene

  • Footage: Raw individual files for personal use


Sign up here @ to reserve a spot. First come, first serve. 






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