AD: Classes for Writers of Musical Theatre

AD: Classes for Writers of Musical Theatre

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Amas Musical Theatre
New York, NY 10019

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If you’re a writer “as corny as Kansas in August or bromidic and bright as a moon happy night,” Amas Musical Theatre is offering two courses this fall to help you hone your skills at musical theatre. 

Craft of Libretto Writing for Musical Theatre, taught by Bistro Award winner Lee Summers, provides an overview and application for writing the book (libretto) of a musical. Students will study, analyze and apply the components of musical theatrical writings, culminating in their creation of a 10-page play of their own.

Award-nominated writer and composer, Mark Saltzman, will facilitate Basics of Music for Lyricists and Librettists. This course covers topics such as reading music, keys, orchestration, rhythm and tempo, groove, harmony, voice, song structure, and collaboration. Students are encouraged (though not obligated) to bring in a current project and address specific songs or problems you might be having communicating with a composer-collaborator or other members of the music department. 

Each course will run six weeks beginning October 27th and October 29th respectively.


October 27, 2020 - December 10, 2020


Cost: $450