Actors for Virtual Production of New Play “Classic Six” in Voices of Truth Festival

Actors for Virtual Production of New Play “Classic Six” in Voices of Truth Festival

CATEGORY: Performer

Powerstories Theatre
New York, NY


Leigh Flayton

Job Details


Play: Classic Six

Playwright: Leigh Flayton

Director: Inés Braun

Venue: Powerstories Theatre’s Voices of Truth Festival (virtual)



In 1993, Frances Nolan, 22, works as a live-in nanny/researcher in Frank and Patricia McGuire’s Classic Six Manhattan apartment. Twenty-five years later, she returns and, as the evening unfolds, Frank and Patricia question her motives: Is she merely curious to revisit the place where she learned hard truths about marriage, power, accountability and how ethics can shift during the course of a lifetime? Or does she plan to expose what she found out about them all those years ago?


Character Breakdown

FRANCES “FRANKIE” NOLAN (22 & 47): An idealistic, working-class woman from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, who aspires to be a journalist. She took the job as the McGuires’ nanny and Frank’s assistant to “sit at the foot of the master,” and she is counting on them to help her land a job in journalism, which is what she believes she was promised. Open ethnicity. Seeking thirtysomething actor to play younger and then older.


FRANK MCGUIRE (50 & 75): A journalist from Brooklyn who emulates old school greats like Pete Hamill and Jimmy Breslin, Frank is married to Patricia. Frank’s career is not where he would like to be — something Patricia never lets him forget — and, in an effort to rehab it, he plays fast and loose with ethics. Open ethnicity. Seeking actors of ages 45-65.


PATRICIA “OFFIE” LOWELL (47 & 72): An upper-crust, old money Connecticut native and PR maven married to Frank. She likes — and mimics — the acerbic wit of Dorothy Parker and possesses the power in the Classic Six. Open ethnicity. Seeking actors of ages 45-65.


CHUCKIE (22) and MARTIN (50): Dual role, open ethnicity. Seeking thirtysomething actor to play younger and then older:

-   Chuckie is Frances’s high school sweetheart, construction worker boyfriend in 1993. Chuckie knows that Frances has “outgrown” him, or is at least trying to, and he doesn’t know how to keep her from getting caught up in the glamour that she sees in Frank and Patricia.

-   Martin is Frances’s boyfriend twenty-five years later. A television investigative reporter/producer, Martin doesn’t know much about Frances’ tenure in the Classic Six, and he uses his time there to learn more about it — and her. Martin should be played by the same actor who plays Chuckie.

Rate: $400

Audition Info
Please email at the address below with photo/resume; if the team would like to set up a self-tape audition, you’ll receive audition sides and a deadline. Job will be t
hree Zoom rehearsals and one or two Zoom film dates over the course of a week (or slightly longer) in late February/early March.



February 24, 2021 - March 12, 2021







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