Actors and Directors for One House Second Annual Ten Minute Play Festival


Actors and Directors for One House Second Annual Ten Minute Play Festival

CATEGORY: Directorial

One House Productions
Seaford, NY 11783


William Meurer

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One House is seeking directors for our second annual ten minute play festival.   One House is a company founded by the wife and husband team, Deborah and Christopher Rupy. One House is the place where gifted artists can develop, hone, and share their crafts within an open and accepting creative community.   The festival will run for three nights (October 22nd-24th).

Day One: A Night of Comedy
Day Two: A Night of Drama
Day Three: Eclectic Works (Works that lie in between Comedy and Drama)  

We are currently seeking both actors and directors for the following plays.  

THE DARKNESS BETWEEN DREAMS by Jonathan Samarro (Eclectic) Two grave diggers working in the sleepy hills of the Hudson River Valley share their most intimate thoughts with each other as they shovel the earth beneath them.

OLD FELLER, early 70s, a dried-up poet, a bean pole, a couple of good teeth, long grey hair, seen some stuff in his day YOUNG FELLER, late 20s, rough trade, a bean pole, nice chompers, long dark hair, seen his own share of stuff  

CAROLEE'S CLOSET by Marjorie Bicknell (Eclectic) Carolee's mother can't let go. If she had her way, Carolee would live with her in her house forever. Carolee has other plans, and she's been quietly amassing all the things she needs to have a fulfilling life of her own. They are hidden in the back of her closet where no one will find them. But Mom has a tendency to clean everything, even the darkest corner of the deepest closet.
CAROLEE : F, 37 plain, worn down by care, any race (but should be same race as MOM) MOM: F, 65 plump, pretty, overly motherly, any race HAROLD: M, 40 average-looking middle-aged man, any race NURSE JUDY: F, 50 kindly professional  

LITTLE PINK CAKES by Gina Scarda (Comedy)  Juliet has been working as a receptionist at a law office ever since her divorce from her lawyer ex-husband ten years ago. However, after attending a party one fateful night, her life is changed forever. JULIET: 50’s Female. Caucasian. Divorced. Works as a receptionist in a law firm since her divorce from Frank 10 years prior. Her divorce set her on journey of self discovery and improvement since she found herself alone with no skills to speak of. She and her successful Lawyer ex-husband have 1 daughter Andrea Rose who is also a Psychologist and lives in NY. MARGO 50s. Female. Divorced. Any Ethnicity. Beautiful, Successful interior designer. Margo and Juliet have been friends since Frank and Juliet hired her to redecorate their Beach house in Venice Beach Fl in 1998. Margo has been Juliet’s rock since the divorce 10 years ago. Margo knew of Franks infidelity long before Juliet discovered it but never told Juliet for fear of hurting her and their friendship. FERNANDO: 40’s Gay Male Any Ethnicity. Waiter at La Bella Luna where Juliet and Margo frequent. Friends with the girls  

THE FALL OF ANNE BOLEYN: A SEMI HISTORICAL DRAMA PRESENTED AS A MODERN FACE TIME CALL by Samantha Oty (Drama) Sometimes you just gotta face time your friends to try and forget about your ex, especially if that ex happens to be King Henry VIII. Set in the days leading up to her beheading, this play puts a modern twist on one of histories most infamous monarchs. QUEEN ANNE BOLEYN: Trying to forget about Henry, and spend some time with her daughter, Elizabeth. JANE BOLEYN: Lady of Rochford, Anne's sister in Law LISSA: Countess of Worcester, Lives for the salacious rumors about Anne.  

THE LEAVES BENEATH THE TREES by Steven Jackson (Drama) On a peaceful night in 1885, Ulysses S. Grant sits at home, with his wife, typing his memoirs. However, their quiet evening is interrupted by the arrival of an unexpected guest. JULIA: Wife of Ulysses S. Grant. A cool, collected woman. Ready to stand her ground ROBERT: A former Confederate Soldier, hell bent on revenge.  

PLASTIC TARP by Joseph Raik (Comedy) When Sheila brings home Terry for the night, she's excited to have someone who she can play out her fantasies with. However, things go south when Terry forgets his end of the deal. *Content Warning:Frank and graphic discussions of sexual acts, both conventional and less so. References to bullying, losing loved ones to cancer, the rotten state of women’s healthcare, and sexual shaming.* SHEILA: 20s, (she/her) Wanting to explore her fantasies. TERRY: 20s, (he/him) Vanilla, well meaning but ignorant  

MY PIANO DOESN'T LIKE ME by Larry Rinkel (Comedy) When a young mans piano goes on strike, he must call in professional help to fix the problem. JAKE: The amateur pianist VLADIMIR HOROWITZ: The renowned classical pianist, who died in 1989 but so what THE PIANO: Childish, Immaturely lashes out at Jake.  

EVERY OTHER DAY by Colin Murphy (Drama) After loosing his partner, Cooper, in a shooting, Grant at last meets Cooper's family. However, before he died, Cooper never told his family about his sexuality. GRANT: Male. Late thirties. Grieving over the loss of his partner, Cooper. MR. SHIELDS / TOM Male. Late fifties, early sixties. Formal, stern looking. Grieving over the  

RECESS by Kara Krantz (Eclectic) Two children enact on the playground how they imagine life would be as adults; but perhaps they are merely practicing for the future and they are destined to share their lives together. GEORGINA: Confident and whimsical, enjoys ordering others around (with love!). LUCAS: Generous, curious, and kind.  

After the final night of the festival, audience members will be able to vote for.. -Best Comedy -Best Drama -Best Eclectic -Best Actor  -Best Director   Cash prizes will be awarded according to the number of submissions received, with a maximum of $150, for each category.     Thank you again for your interest, and we look forward to working with you. Sincerely, The One House Production Team


September 18, 2020 - October 24, 2021