A Raisin in the Sun - Equity Video Submissions (Deadline 06.18.21)


A Raisin in the Sun - Equity Video Submissions (Deadline 06.18.21)

CATEGORY: Performer

WaterTower Theatre
Addison, TX

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Salary TBD pending approval

The following creative team members will be reviewing auditions:
Producing Artistic Director- Shane Peterman
Associate Producer- Elizabeth Kensek
Director- Natalie King
Assistant Director: Liz Mikel

In Person Callbacks will be held June 26-27 per Equity safety guidance

Rehearsals: August 9- August 31
Shows: Wednesday-Sunday: September 1-12

This production is the final production of WTT's 25th Season and is dedicated in memory of Phyllis Cicero. Lorraine Hansberry's TONY Award-winning drama tells the story of the Youngers, a black family living in Chicago in the 1950s, whose yearning for a piece of the American Dream includes moving to a modest home in a majority white community.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

WaterTower Theatre Auditions for A RAISIN IN THE SUN Written by Lorraine Hansberry.
(See breakdown.)

Local actors encouraged to submit.

WaterTower Theatre is dedicated to diversity and inclusion as a core value, and as such we strongly encourage actors of all ethnicities, abilities, genders, and ages to audition. This production will be presented with very limited audience on The Terry Martin Main Stage.

Must be willing to follow strict safety standards and agree to COVID testing which will be paid for by WTT. All cast, crew & production team must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination (including the 14 day period following) before attending rehearsals.


Walter Lee Younger:
Male, 30-40. Discontented with his status in life as a Black man in America, he is a dreamer, whose big plans and schemes are fueled by his aspirations and ambitions to become something in the world and make a better life for his family.

Beneatha Younger ('Bennie'):
Female, 19-25. Lena’s daughter and Walter’s sister; Beneatha is an intellectual; twenty years old, she attends college and is better educated than the rest of the Younger family. She dreams of being a doctor and struggles to determine her identity.

Lena Younger ('Mama'):
Female, 55-65. Walter and Beneatha’s mother; the matriarch of the family, Mama is religious, moral, and maternal; she wants to use her husband’s insurance money as a down payment on a house with a backyard to fulfill her lifelong dream for her family.

Ruth Younger:
Female, 29-37. Walter’s wife and Travis’s mother; Ruth takes care of the Youngers’ small apartment; her 11-year marriage to Walter has problems, but she hopes to rekindle their love. She is about thirty, but her weariness makes her seem older. She is an emotionally strong woman and her almost pessimistic pragmatism helps her to survive.

Travis Younger:
Male, 9-12. Walter and Ruth’s son. Travis earns some money by carrying grocery bags and likes to play outside with other neighborhood children.

Joseph Asagai:
Male, 20-28, a Nigerian student in love with Beneatha. Asagai is very proud of his African heritage and when he proposes marriage to Beneatha he hopes she will return to Nigeria with him.

George Murchison:
Male, 25-35. A wealthy Black man who courts Beneatha; the Youngers approve of George, but Beneatha dislikes his willingness to submit to white culture and forget his African heritage. He challenges the thoughts and feelings of others through his arrogance and love of spirited debate.

Mr. Karl Lindner:
35-50, White. Mr. Lindner arrives at the Youngers’ apartment from the Clybourne Park Improvement Association; he offers the Youngers a deal to reconsider moving into his (all-white) neighborhood.

Male, 30-40. One of Walter’s business partners in his plan to open a liquor store.

Access sides for the role(s) you are interested in at www.dropbox.com/sh/vk9a0tfvd8brpbk/AABK_7Cinh7poRBqc9XzfU7Ra?dl=0. For roles with multiple sides provided, select 1-2 for your audition. If you don't have someone to read with you, perform only your character's lines with pauses between. Post your audition video to YouTube/Vimeo/Dropbox. Visit https://airtable.com/shrHX9nNOufRaX7vg to submit your information, headshot, resume & link to your audition for the Creative Team to review.

Deadline: 06/18/2021




SPT Salary TBD pending approval