ONSTAGE & BACKSTAGE: "I Believe!" Which Injured Broadway Star Had a Miraculous Recovery When He Won the Olivier?

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02 Sep 2014

Cheyenne Jackson
Cheyenne Jackson
Photo by Karl Simone

A week in the life of actor, radio and TV host, music director and writer Seth Rudetsky.


Sigh. It's already September. Did the summer even happen? Why does it feel like the last two months was over in five minutes? And yes, why would it take forever for the clock to go from 3:00 to 3:07 at when I was in high school? Speaking of school, this week marks the beginning of Juli starting eighth grade. Holy cow. When I met her she was in first grade. I know she got older every year, but this year it's really hitting me. I now totally understand why parents keep having kids. I suddenly miss everything about her being a little kid. All I want to do is launch into "Sunrise, Sunset" and/or the lesser known "Stop, Time" from Big. Do any fellow parents know that song? Listen to Barbara Walsh here and cry

This weekend I'm here in Provincetown performing with Cheyenne Jackson, who's getting married in two weeks! I asked Cheyenne about his first name and, turns out, it was taken from the 1955 TV show "Cheyenne." His dad thought "Cheyenne" was so cool that he decided to change his own name! He went to the court house to do it legally and when he got there, the judge literally laughed at him. Why do so many judges have the mean essence of Judge Judy? Why is she allowed to be so obnoxious to people? "I'm talking". Who cares? Speaking of which, I tried to find Cheri Oteri playing Judge Judy on "Saturday Night Live" and was only able to find one sketch (!) and it's on an Asian website, but Cheri is hilarious and it features a "sneaker-upper." Ana Gasteyer told me that's the term on "SNL" when a comedian is playing someone famous and they're suddenly "surprised" by the real person. Watch

Anyhoo, after being laughed at the Idaho version of Judge Judy, his dad was so mortified that he kept his original name. Instead, he told his wife he'd like to name their son Cheyenne. Cheyenne's mom soon gave birth to a son and immediately decided the name Cheyenne was too weird. His Dad said he'd be fine naming their second son Cheyenne. Well, the second son was born and again his Mom was like Cheyenne = too weird. Finally, the third son was born and his Dad finally got his way! You know what they say: "Third time's the Ch(arm)eyenne".

Next week at the Art House in Provincetown, I'll be performing with the mind-bogglingly talented Gavin Creel. He came over to my apartment a few days ago to go through material and, as a joke, he added an amazing high Bb to the end of "What Do I Need With Love?," one of his songs from Thoroughly Modern Millie. I immediately told him it was now the required way he must end the song and we had to film it. Watch


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