"Glee" Celebrates 100th Episode By Reuniting With Kristin Chenoweth, Gwyneth Paltrow, Dianna Agron and More

By Ben Rimalower
19 Mar 2014

Chace Crawford
Photo by Adam Rose/FOX
April Rhodes claims to have say over the auditorium because it's her money that has endowed it, so things are looking up as Rachel, Mercedes and Kurt launch into a three-way rendition of "Defying Gravity." It's actually a somewhat understated performance and, other than some sound mellow riffing from Mercedes, they actually sound somewhat similar to each other. Even at the end, with them repeating the final stanzas for effect, there's not much of a bang to it. In fact, the button to the song is April's fourth wall-teasing aside, "That song should be on Broadway." (Of course, Chenoweth famously created the role of Glinda in Wicked.)

Mr. Schue delays the diva-off vote, saying, "Let's sleep on it and decide tomorrow. For tonight, you're all winners." After some fierce campaigning on both sides (and mixed reactions from the voting block), Mercedes finds Rachel crying in the bathroom. Mercedes confesses her own insecurities and, connecting heart-to-heart, they agree to support each other in their separate pursuits, like "Beyonce and Barbra." In the end, the vote is a tie anyway.

Quinn's foolhardy attempt to hide her past from Biff while bringing him back to her high school has crashed and burned and when his confrontation of her turns ugly, Puck is right there to step in. The scene ends with Biff in the dumpster.

Santana keeps pursuing Brittany, who is busy playing chess using the Live Chess club to recreate a famous match. When Glee club reconvenes, Santana stages an "intervention" and the pair perform a dance duet of Amy Winehouse's "Valerie," which is easily the best musical number on the episode.

Puck moves everyone to the auditorium for his emotional performance of Avril Lavigne's "Keep Holding On," which hits too close to home for Quinn. She's all choked up at the entire crew serenading her, just like they did to show solidarity after her pregnancy had been leaked in a blog.

Sue shoots down April's efforts to save New Directions, claiming that Will spent the entire $2 million April donated to the auditorium, in a humorously knowing reference to the high production values of the show's musical numbers. Sue also outs April for having her own fortunes in jeopardy, revealing April's boyfriend to be Bernie Madoff. No, April cannot help save the Glee club.

Mr. Schuester is devastated, saying, "You did the worst thing you could've done. You gave me hope."