Bronx Bombers BASEBALL CARDS: C. J. Wilson and Bill Dawes, Broadway's Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle

By Michael Gioia
25 Feb 2014

Name: Bill Dawes
Birthdate: Jan. 11
Hometown: Virginia
Character You're Playing: Mickey Mantle/Thurman Munson
Favorite Sport: UFC [Ultimate Fighting Championship]
Sports Played Growing Up (if any): Soccer, Football, Track. 
Favorite Sporting-Event Snack: Something gluten-free that I smuggled in, for sure.
Show you made your Broadway debut in: Sex and Longing
Did you meet and/or hear from your Bronx Bombers counterpart or their family? Haven't heard anything from the Mantle family, but Thurman Munson's wife came.
Most memorable moment from Bronx Bombers: Thurman's wife coming was reason enough to do the show. She was clearly touched afterwards and met with the cast. Before she left, she hugged me and said, "Thurman would be proud," with tears in her eyes. I mean, what's better than that?

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