PLAYBILL PLAYLIST: Jenna Leigh Green, Nic Rouleau, Hannah Elless and More Pick Favorite Spice Girls Songs

By Playbill Staff
08 Jan 2014

Benjamin Rauhala: "Saturday Night Divas. "Saturday Night Divas" is my favorite Spice Girls song, and is actually the reason Broadway Loves the Spice Girls came about! I was writing "Thank You" cards in the 54 Below dressing room last August, and this tune came on. From the very first a cappella "Get down, get deeper and down," I always get pumped up. I posted on Facebook about "Saturday Night Divas" being the best pre-show hype song, and the response from my Broadway actor friends was enormous. I realized very quickly that I wasn't the only one in midtown who still loved the Spice Girls. And, in a very special way, that makes this 54 Below encore concert a homecoming for our show – what a joy!