Playbill Poll: Our Readers' Wishlist for Live Musicals on TV

By Jared Clough
15 Dec 2013

Kevin McGee: Mame!!!
Mark Briner: Mame starring Cher and Bebe Neuworth as Vera Charles
Eddie Gentile: Mame would be a good choice. It has kind of a holiday spirit.
Chris Ortiz: Mame! My dream cast would be Bernadette Peters: Mame and Christine Baranski: Vera!

Based on the novel Auntie Mame and the 1956 Broadway play, Mame opened in 1966 at the Winter Garden Theatre, starring Angela Lansbury and Beatrice Arthur. It features a score by Jerry Herman. Lansbury won her first Tony Award for her portrayal of the title role. The success of the musical spawned the 1974 film adaptation, starring Lucille Ball in the title role.