PLAYBILL PLAYLIST: Once Upon a Time in New York City Songwriters Pick Songs that Define "City Livin'"

By Michael Gioia
19 Nov 2013

Carmel Dean: "What More Do I Need?" (Stephen Sondheim). One of my favorite songs about NYC is Sondheim's "What More Do I Need?" I fell in love with this song back in my musical theatre class in Perth, [Australia], before I'd even been to New York, because musically, it is so evocative and exciting — and, of course, once I had actually moved here, the song took on a whole new dimension. The love-hate relationship we all have with the city is captured so well in the irony of Sondheim's lyrics, and, of course, the ultimate message of this song is that despite its imperfections, when you fall in love in NYC, the city is perfect! Here is the divine Christiane Noll singing "What More Do I Need?"