THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season Two, Episodes 16-17, or "Give 'Em That Big Finish"

By Ben Rimalower
28 May 2013

Mara Davi
Photo by Craig Blankenhorn/NBC

Karen and Daisy win the Outer Critics Circle Awards for Best Actress in a Musical, and Best Featured Actress in a Musical, respectively, for Hit List, but Jerry is still pessimistic about some of the show's Tony chances – particularly for Kyle's Best Book of a Musical nomination, since the show is sung-through. This very much upsets Jimmy, who is fiercely committed to Kyle's legacy. Also, Jerry is so annoying. I'm not sure if it's Michael Cristofer's triumph that he successfully makes me hate his character, or a failure (actually going too far), but it really gets under my skin how his every sentence sounds as if he's coughing or sneezing through it.

Hit List, however, has bigger problems than Kyle's legacy. Ana is suing Derek and Jerry for wrongful termination, accusing Derek of giving Daisy her part in exchange for sex. When Derek admits this, Jimmy is angry, specifically, at Karen for not telling him. Jerry threatens Derek, who says he will take care of it. In an odd little confrontation between Derek and Karen, Derek tells Karen to tell Ana to call off the lawsuit and inform her that she will have a career—he'll even help (he does get her seen for the national tour of Once and she books it). Karen snaps, "Maybe some things are more important than a career like self-respect." Really? Come on, "Smash," don't let's waste our precious last two hours on Karen's saccharine proselytizing.

Karen demands that Daisy leave the show, but Daisy laughs in her face. After all, she won the Outer Critics Circle Award. Is it just me or this like the greatest thing that ever happened to the Outer Critics Circle? Like, if I were the Drama Desk Awards, I'd be seriously pissed off right now!

During the Outer Critics Circle Awards ceremony at Table 46, Julia dedicates her win to Kyle, but Jimmy is angry because he's gotten it into his head (after a provocative interview with Michael Musto) that Julia is giving people the idea she had a big hand in the writing of Hit List, and that it's taking away from Kyle's legacy (hurting Kyle's chance for a Tony). When Ivy tries to apologize to Jimmy for what she said about Kyle and Hit List, a big group argument breaks out between Julia, Tom, Jimmy, Ivy, Derek and everyone until Eileen reminds them they are professionals at an awards ceremony. Well, she's half right.