THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season Two, Episode 15 or Grin and Bare It

By Ben Rimalower
13 May 2013

Christian Borle
Photo by Will Hart/NBC

Not helping are the rumors swirling around regarding the end Tom and Julia's partnership. Tom is listening to Eileen's concerns very carefully, but Julia is worlds away doing her dramaturgly duties at Hit List previews. When both the Bombshell and Hit List gangs find themselves at Table 46 for post-show production pow-wows, Eileen asks Julia to decamp to the Bombshell team for a moment. She wants Tom and Julia to sing a duet in the concert at the Oak Room—and when Eileen says she wants something, it's usually in the form of "You have to…" Julia protests that she's not much of a singer, but Eileen doesn't care what or how she sings as long as it's together with Tom and smiling.

Man, is Jimmy entitled. He waves Julia back over to his and Derek's table. She's been away for two minutes, talking to Eileen Rand, for god's sake, can't a person get a break?!

The thing is, Jimmy is very, very, very stressed about Hit List previews. Everyone wants to it to be bright lights and lollipops and to come up roses—for themselves—and for Kyle! But something isn't working. Derek is very quick to blame Ana and insists on giving her the night off, letting her understudy, Daisy, perform one show so that Ana can have a break.

Ana knows she's doomed. "You know who else had a break? Erin Dilly in Thoroughly Modern Millie. You know who went on for her? Sutton Foster. I guess she's still on a break."

Then Ana figures out that Daisy is one of the girls who accused Derek of sexual harassment. Sure enough, Daisy is blackmailing Derek. She videotaped them together the night of the Bombshell opening. Doh! Karen and Ana are livid that Derek is sacrificing Ana to protect himself.