THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season Two, Episode 13 or I Wanna Be a Producer

By Ben Rimalower
29 Apr 2013

Sure enough, once Jimmy arrives clamoring to be the toast of the evening (even the producers who passed on the show loved Jimmy!), Kyle breaks the news and Jimmy goes ballistic, jumping up on the bar to announce his firing and to read the riot act to Karen and Kyle, revealing Kyle's affair with Tom to Blake. Blake storms off and so does Jimmy and Kyle is left second-guessing any self-caring inclinations he may have to cut Jimmy out of his life. Karen and Ana encourage him to ditch Jimmy once and for all and he runs home, tearfully singing Jeff Buckley's "The Last Goodbye" as he packs Jimmy's things (and a cute photo-booth strip of the two of them in happier times) into an army surplus duffle bag and hauls it over to Jimmy's brother's apartment. 

Once again, Derek is alone at the bar. Ivy's screening his calls again, too busy catching up on all the HBO she missed while promoting Bombshell. Who should sidle up with mischief on her mind? None other than Karen Cartwright! She may have pushed him away before, but make no mistake about it, Karen wants Derek tonight. After another round, she wants him to walk her home, and she takes his arm romantically. It might be a false cliff-hanger and we'll learn next week that nothing happened, but I think these two have had a date with destiny since that informal coaching session at his place when she put on her lipstick and took off her pants.

We don't stay with them long enough to find out what happens next because the last moment of this week's "Smash" is reserved for a bigger cliff-hanger, exactly the soap opera juggernaut all this melodrama has been building to for months.

Kyle finishes his Jeff Buckley song, drops off Jimmy's bag and the camera catches him caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle.

I hope he's okay!

(Ben Rimalower is the author and star of the critically acclaimed Patti Issues now its ninth hit month off Off-Broadway. Read's coverage of the solo show here. Visit him at and follow @benrimalower on Twitter.)