THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season 2, Episode 11, or The Un-Dress Rehearsal

By Ben Rimalower
15 Apr 2013

Ivy finds Derek on her stoop. Again.

"This thing between us," she asks, "it's just casual, right?"

"Set my alarm. 3 AM I'm out," he shows her his phone, with the alarm set for 3 AM.

Ivy slides the alarm setting to off.

"Come inside."

That's what she said.

In a final cliff-hanging twist, Jimmy's drug dealer approaches Karen's roommate outside MTW asking where he is, claiming to be an old friend from out-of-town. They flirt. Wait… I thought we saw Jimmy pay this dude off. What’s he after now? Blackmail? I guess Jimmy still has some secret. Why does the show have to go there? Just when Bombshell is finally in previews and Jimmy and Kyle are poised to be the toast of Broadway!

Sigh. I miss Liza.

(Ben Rimalower is the author and star of the critically acclaimed Patti Issues now its ninth hit month off Off-Broadway. Read's coverage of the solo show here. Visit him at and follow @benrimalower on Twitter.)