THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season Two, Episode 8, Or, Tomfoolery

By Kenneth Jones
28 Mar 2013

NAT AND SAMMY AND LESLIE: Shaiman and Wittman, channeling the sanitized Cold War pop of Sammy Cahn, are represented by the number called "(Let's Start) Tomorrow Tonight," which is also heard on that terrific "Smash" soundtrack. It occurs to us that it's possible that if Shaiman and Wittman's Bombshell score had been released as a concept album a decade ago, it would be on Broadway by now. The song is a trunk song by Tom and Julia for a stalled show about Las Vegas in the 1960s. At Tom's cast party, Ivy implores, "Everyone wants to sing!," and Tom plays the number (which boyfriend Sam previously knew). Sam sings and dances around the apartment — part Nat King Cole, part Sammy Davis, Jr., with Wesley Taylor as chorus boy Bobby and Savannah Wise as chorus girl Jessica providing backup. It's just the sort of heightened showbiz whimsy — see the "I Love Louisa" sequence from M-G-M's "The Band Wagon"  — that you want from "Smash." This kind of thing reportedly did happen at the cocktail parties of Jule Styne, where you imagine that the words "Stop talking — just sing!" were spoken over the clink of ice. More, please.

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