PLAYBILL.COM'S CUE & A: The Mystery of Edwin Drood's Betsy Wolfe

By Matthew Blank
13 Nov 2012

Favorite or most memorable onstage role as a child/teenager: I played Kenicke in Grease as a my church. Revisions were made: Rizzo didn't get pregnant, Danny and Sandy got married and Kenicke was played by a 12-year-old girl.
How you got your Equity card: Side by Side by Sondheim at The Muny with Colin Donnell. Ask him about it.
Worst flubbed line/missed cue/onstage mishap: My real-life bra accidentally hooked onto the back of my Evelyn Nesbitt costume when I was doing Ragtime.

I was the last to enter the prologue and had no idea, but soon the entire company was in stitches. The worst part was thinking I was being extra funny that night and that must have been why they were laughing.

Worst costume ever: Any of my Halloween costume choices from ages 7 to 10.
Worst job you ever had: I was fired from a babysitting job. Those kids were awful. Apparently I was, too.
If you could trade roles with anyone in the cast for a week, who would it be? Chita. I played Puffer when I was 21, which is only slightly more appropriate than playing Dolly Levi at 17.
Leading lady role you've been dying to play: I've been connected to Tales of the City for awhile. I really loved playing Mary Ann thus far and am so hoping it continues.
Something about you that surprises people: I love playing poker and smoking cigars. Simultaneously is preferred.
Something you are incredibly proud of: Being an auntie. I didn't really do anything to make it happen, but I'm just in love with those kids.
Something you're embarrassed to admit: I've seen every episode of "To Catch a Predator." Wait, I'm not embarrassed about that at all.
Career you would want if not a performer: If there was ever a job that combined wildlife conservation, FBI agent and professional poker player, I'd be doing it.

Incidentally, I think this sounds like a great USA television series. Anybody? Who can I meet with about this? She conserves wildlife on week days, fights international crime on week nights and flies to Vegas for the weekend. It's a hit.

Words of advice for aspiring performers: Don't try and learn "Another Hundred People" the night before the audition.