PLAYBILL THEATRE WEEK IN REVIEW, Nov. 3-9: Annie, Again; Richard Nelson's Sorry; Checkers at Vineyard

By Robert Simonson
09 Nov 2012

Jay O. Sanders and Laila Robins in Sorry.
Photo by Joan Marcus

Faring better with the critics was Sorry, the latest addition to Richard Nelson's "Apple Family" plays, in which he tracks the lives of a Rhinebeck, NY, clan in real time, on momentous days in the the nation's history. (Sorry takes place on Nov. 6, the day of the 2012 presidential election.) Since the first Apple play — That Hopey Changey Thing — appeared at the Public Theater two years ago, these dramas have picked up steam as important entries in each new Off-Broadway sesaon.

Ben Brantley began his review by saying. "I don't know about you, but I spent election night with my family." He concluded his glowing review by calling Sorry a "beautiful, deeply cathartic play." "The lightning-in-a-bottle nature of the works," wrote Entertainment Weekly, "imbues them with a thrilling immediacy."

Reported the Daily News: "'I can only imagine what we must sound like,' says one of the Apple siblings after a heated exchange in Sorry. What they sound like in this exquisite new play by Richard Nelson is so flawlessly authentic that I felt obliged to apologize for horning in on their intimate conversations."

It should be noted that all the critics reviewed the same exact performance — Nov. 6 — making Sorry that rare throwback in which reviewers were made to attend opening night. A fourth Apple play is scheduled for fall 2013.


There was hardly a show in New York, Off-Broadway or on, that wasn't hurt by Hurricane Sandy in some way. Broadway shows were the first to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and start all over again. Most only lost a few performances.

For Glengarry Glen Ross, however, the repercussions were more serious. The Broadway revival of the David Mamet perennial about sharks in a real-estate office delayed its official opening by a full month. Producers said the postponement was made to account for canceled rehearsals as a result of Sandy, even though the effect of the storm lasted less than a month. The production, which began previews Oct. 19, had originally been scheduled to officially open Nov. 11. Opening night is now Dec. 8 with a review release date of Dec. 10. The producers also announced that the limited run will be extended through Jan. 20, 2013.

The show, directed by Daniel Sullivan, stars Al Pacino.