July 31, 2014

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Wardrobe Supervisor

NY Light Productions, LLC. - iLuminate
Category: Technical


NY Light Productions, LLC is a technology based dance production company. The off broadway show "iLuminate" is running at New World Stages, seeking a wardrobe supervisor to fill a full time postion through the run of the show in September 2014.

The ideal candidate has strong hand and machine sewing skills and can stitch both quickly and neatly. Has expereince working wardrobe backstage, can work in fast paced enviornment and handle high-stress situations. Is a friendly, enthusiastic collaborator, a team player with good communication skills, and is confident enough to lead a dressing room and is willing to learn. Recent college grads encouraged to apply!

Responsibilites include, but are not limited to;

Running the show backstage and participating in all quick changes.
Keeping track of all repairs.
Repairing all costume pieces both hand and machine sewing.
Nightly washing of skins.

Weekly creation of a outer wear wash schedule, based on rotating cast staffing

Wardrobe expenses, supply inventory.

8 shows per week, Tuesday off, approx 50 hours per week: $700/week on a performance basis.

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NY Light Productions, LLC. - iLuminate


Brooklyn, NY 11232


[Name Withheld]

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