July 28, 2014

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International WOW
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Josh Fox (Academy Award-Nominated and Emmy-Winning director of GASLAND) and International WOW Company (Drama Desk Nominated creators of SURRENDER, THE BOMB and RECONSTRUCTION) is accepting applications for positions of Stage Manager, ASM, Technical Director, Technicians, and Video and Costume Designer for the creation and performance of The Solutions Grassroots Tour, a multi media performance event and original performance piece that advances renewable energy.

THE PIECE/TOUR: Following on the heels of the successful GASLAND and GASLAND II grassroots film tours, Josh Fox and International WOW Company will devise a new multi-media performance piece that tells the story of a town ravaged by the exploitative cycle of fossil fuel production. Through the lens of a single family, we tell the story of the negative consequences of fracking, drilling and climate change.

JULY: Rehearsals Wednesday-Sunday mostly in the evenings. July 19-20, and 24th-30th are out of town tech runs and performances.
AUGUST: No commitment
SEPTEMBER: Rehearsal resume on limited basis, and there are several performances in the NYC area. Exact dates will follow.

Stage Manager: You will be expected to work with the director to run all rehearsals, keep the creation of the show organized, and communicate all needs with daily rehearsal reports. All typical SM duties are expected. The piece is a devised work and will be constantly changing, so the SM must remain organized and up to speed.

ASM: You will be assisting the Stage Manager in rehearsal duties and during all out of town travel. Typical stage management duties are expected.

Technical Director: You will be responsible for working with the designers to build the set, and coordinate the technical elements of the production- Lights, Sound, Set, Projections. You will be the point person for all things technical, and responsible for ensuring that load-ins and technical run-throughs start on time and run smoothly.

Video Designer: You will be in charge of the design and working with the TD to implement a video system in the show. This will include the editing of previously existing footage, creating new and custom content, as well as the integration of live video footage.

Costume Designer: You will be designing the costumes for a cast of 8 main actors, and designing general looks for the ensemble. You will work with the director to find creative solutions to stay within budget for this production.

Technicians – You will be reporting directly to the Technical Director to assist with building the show, loading in and striking at venues, and running the light, sound, and projections during the productions.

TO SUBMIT: Send a short cover letter, resume, three references, and links to any relevant online portfolios to internationalwowjobs@gmail.com. Please include any minimum pay requirements.

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International WOW


Brooklyn, NY 11205


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