July 24, 2014

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Abortion - A Race Redux

Making It Happen Productions
Category: Performer


Now casting for Summer theatre festival:

JACK TOWNSEND* – Main character – Wealthy, college baseball all-star, popular, handsome. He is confident, smart, and naïve. College senior 22 years old. Jack is a well¬built handsome young fellow, intelligent eyes. He has the easy confident air of one who has, through his prowess in athletics, become a figure of note in college circles and is accustomed to the deference of those around him. All Races

JOE MURRAY*- a machinist, he is very clearly a blue collar teen, working instead of going to college. He does not have much of a presence. He is a slight, stoop-shouldered, narrow-chested young fellow.

MRS. TOWNSEND, his mother- delicate woman, the epitome of a lady. Mid 40’s. A sweet-faced, soft-spoken lady. Caucasian

LUCY TOWNSEND, Jack’s sister she is a small, vivacious nineteen years old, gushing with enthusiasm over everything and everybody. Caucasian

DONALD (BULL) HERRON, Jack’s room-mate- 21 years old – All American, He is not as charming as Jack, but has a laid back, humble aura. He is a huge, swarthy six-footer with a bull neck and an omnipresent grin, slow to anger and to understanding. All Races.

*Please note Jack and Joe are double cast and played by the same actors.

Rehearsals:July 17- August 16th
Show Dates: 8/17-5pm, 8/18-6:30pm, 8/20-9pm, 8/23-2pm, 8/24-8pm. More shows to be added.

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Making It Happen Productions


new York, NY 10029


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Monday June 30th, 2014


New York City

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