August 20, 2014

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Playbill Interactive Quizzes
Below are some fun and entertaining quizzes for you from the sharp staff at Take one today!

  2003: A Quiz in Review
Can you answer these questions about notable theatrical events that occured in 2003? (6 questions)
29 Dec 2003  
  Tis' the Season for Caroling
Tis' the season for holiday caroling. Can you answer these questions about Broadway's "Carols"? (6 questions)
12 Dec 2003  
  The Girl from "Oz"
These questions will test your knowledge of Wicked, the Broadway musical. (6 questions)
03 Nov 2003  
  The Quiz From Oz
Can you answer these questions about The Boy From Oz and some other Australian contributions to the theatre? (4 questions)
20 Oct 2003  
  Little Quiz of Horrors
Can you answer these questions relating to the 2003 Broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors? (6 questions)
29 Aug 2003  
  You, Too, Can Be A Puppet!
The first new musical of the 2003-2004 Broadway season, Avenue Q features puppets trying to survive in the real world. Can you answer these questions about some other Broadway shows that featured puppets? (6 questions)
30 Jul 2003  
  Muddy Water... Big River
The current Roundabout/Deaf West revival of Big River is the inspiration of our newest quiz. Test your knowledge! (6 questions)
24 Jul 2003  
  Animal Crackers
Many plays and musicals have had animals in their title. Spot the menagerie in the questions below. (11 questions)
16 Jul 2003  
  The Final Curtain
The end is near...can you face the final curtain? (11 questions)
01 Jul 2003  
  Know Your House
You've sat in their houses, but do you know the origins of the names of the Broadway theatres? (15 questions)
23 Jun 2003  
  Tony Trivia - Numbers of Nominations and Awards
Fire up your calculator or abacus! (11 questions)
19 May 2003  
  Conductors and the Tonys
This section concerns musical conductors in Broadway orchestra pits. From 1949 through 1964, there was an annual Tony Award for musical conductors. Can you identify the musicals that the conductors listed below were honored for? (16 questions)
27 Apr 2003  
  Nudes Glorious Nudes
Take Me Out has created quite a bit of buzz with its nude shower scenes. This quiz will test your knowledge of other shows in which actors "bared it all." (6 questions)
06 Apr 2003  
  A "Novel" Idea for Musicals
Show Boat and South Pacific were among the shows that set the standard for adapting novels into musicals. Recent seasons have seen a number of book-into-musical adaptations, so can you name the novelists who inspired these musicals? (10 questions)
31 Mar 2003  
  Worth Repeating
Every once in a while, musical theatre lyricists repeat themselves, generally for dramatic effect. Name the song and show the following passages appear in. (9 questions)
24 Mar 2003  
  Plenty of Flops
Test your knowledge of Broadway flops! (5 questions)
10 Mar 2003  
  Punctuate These Show Titles
Supply the necessary punctuation for the following shows. (16 questions)
07 Mar 2003  
  Ah, Critics
Test your knowledge with this quiz about critics! (9 questions)
01 Mar 2003  
  Stephen Sondheim
How familiar are you with the master composer/lyricist? (4 questions)
27 Jan 2003  
  We Need a Little Christmas
Here are Christmas songs heard in stage musicals, or film musicals adapted to the stage. Name the show they were from. (15 questions)
08 Dec 2002  

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