From Broadway to the Big Screen: Jersey Boys Stars Return to Roles in Film Adaptation

By Robert Simonson
16 Jun 2014

Renee Marino
Photo by Joseph Marzullo/WENN
“All throughout the film there are people who have done the show in various incarnations,” including Renee Marino, who plays Mary Delgado, Frank Valli’s first wife, and Erica Piccininni, a reporter who later becomes Valli’s girlfriend.

To Lomenda, the decision was indicative of Eastwood’s solid instincts as a director. “I think it speaks to his character that he trusts that the Broadway company could bring a lot to the table.”

Piazza admitted to being a bit nervous entering a cast that was already so well-versed in the script.

“It was a lot of pressure that I put on myself… I knew I had to get to a place in the work where I could fit in on camera. It was a great challenge.”

However, his three castmates did not consider their newbie Four Season a drag on proceedings. Rather, he provided a welcome jolt to the system.

“We got to use pretty much the same script from the stage show,” said Bergen. “We got to see it pretty much through new eyes, Clint’s eyes. What was also fun for us was bringing in someone like Vincent Piazza, who didn’t know the stage production and had never seen it. It brought in a new energy…. It really put us on our toes.”